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Phish & Everyone Orchestra - Cincinnati


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Holy Guacamole!

That was a weekend to remember! Wow.

Phish was... well, they were Phish: Completely AWESOME!!!! Tight, cohesive, inventive, energetic.

I tell you something though: The Everyone Orchestra was the real steal in Cincinnati. 30 musicians, frequently all on the stage at the same time, jamming. I stood three rows back from the action and had to devise a sling to keep my jaw from constantly being tripped over by my own dancing feet and those of the tripsters around me!

Good times had with all the Ontario crew: MarcO, Tooly, Jay, Laurie, Teresa (who saved us from the grips of the Cincinnati underworld), Tim, Ken, and a bunch of others who I am too wiped out to remember right now! Love and peace to all!

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02/21/03 US Bank Arena - Cincinnati, Ohio

1: Wilson > Frankenstein, Down with Disease, Lifeboy*, Boogie On Reggae Woman, Run Like An Antelope, I Didn't Know**

2: Mike's Song > Free, Waste, 2001***, Harry Hood, All of these Dreams, Possum, Cavern

E: Wading in the Velvet Sea


* - last played 11/25/98 (129 shows) according to ZZYZX's Phish Stats;

** - with Trey, Mike and Page dancing around, mocking and kow-towing to Jon during his vacuum solo;

*** - with Jesu, Joy of Man's Desire [bach] and Stash teases

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Thanks for the posts, Wi!!y ... I was wondering when we would start seeing some posts from the people that made the trek to Cincinatti ... glad to read that you had an awesome time, my friend.

That setlist from Friday night looks awesome to me!

And it's so nice when the aftershow is another spectacular event.

Peace, Mark

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man that weekend was the fire

friday totally blew all my wishlists and expectations out of the water, i didnt know how they would top it but of course they did.

trey was playing catch with glowsticks, fishman busted out the vaccuum, oh where to begin

there will be stories for along time so you all should get ready.

willy that was good that you guys crashed that night, avoid the dudes tryin to get into your car and play some 4am wasted ring toss

anyways, moral of the story is the boys are back and theyre tight like a tiger, and i want some pie yall

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Oh Mark, you are so right. The first night absolutely blew me away! What an unbelievable set. The last time I saw them they played 2001 and then what do you know, they played it again! Fantastic energy. I loved the a capella bit too. So much to say, so little time. I can't wait to dance until the floor gives 'way at 33 Hess tonight.

Drunken Ring Toss

Late Night Giggle Sessions

"Hell ya, I want some pie."

Musical Television Set (playing some crappy movie)

The Pied Piper leading us through the streets of the city.

The In-Between Tavern

and on and on and on...


and we successfully changed the weather in a late night meditation session.... the snow was willed away and the sun came out to play... everyone put on their acoustic neil young and enjoy the drive? [Wink]

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the late night giggles continued the entire way home, i dont think we listened to neil at all but that weather change was amazing.

we got the pie too dude, we stopped for breakfast at friskies or somethin, perkins it was. the sign out side said "how about a nice slice of pie?"

it was priceless, the waitress looked baffled when we all yelled hell yeah we want some pie

holy guacamole indeed

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Will... glad to hear you made it home ok. Hopefully the rest of the crew did as well. Our trip back to the Hammer was a breeze, real light trafiic and dry conditions. We counted a total of 15 vehicles in the ditches though, I guess the roads must have been bad the night before?

I'm pretty damn tired here so I'll maybe flesh out a few things later but I wanted to share that I really enjoyed the Phish shows, ESPECIALLY last night, and the whole scene in Cincinnati was very cool indeed.

Some highlights from the first night included an exploratory stand-alone Down With Disease that was real nice and a strong, long Mike's > Free in set two. However, last night blew my trap off, after the Piper > Weekapaug meltdown, I was putty. So, the Walls Of The Cave, the Tube, the Bowie, the Bathtub Gin - oh, the Bathtub Gin - were all just gravy. Great playing. After the first night, I said to my friends all I really wanted for the second show was some more exploratory jamming, just to hear how that's sounding these days, post-hiatus, and man did they deliver. They really came to play, that's for sure. Trey gooned around a noticeable amount of time, it's weird to have him right up front, but really, the whole band seemd to be really enjoying themselves. And the crowd was pumped but took care of themselves pretty well, near as I can tell. No rowdiness, just genuine joy.

A very nice weekend. I must go to bed now.... [Razz]

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[big Grin][big Grin][big Grin]


Sorry but i had to say it again, im on the floor howling at this right now........ oh man what a weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very nice to meet you you Willy and Lauraine(SP?)

The giggle fest last night was pricleless i tell ya. the weekapaug was tigh as hell and i almost lost my shit when bowie kicked in.

Anyways my brain hurts so im sure there are more stories but i cant seem to remember any of thm fight now.

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no i doubt ill be making 33 tonight,, funds are pretty much gone now

id have to say my highlites were dwd, i got in 2 minutes before they kicked that in, gin, bowie

hood(watching that guy drop his pants during hood and howl at the moon was priceless, worth more then both tickets [big Grin] )

weekapaug was the fire

those guys were on the ball this weekend i tell you whut........now how bout some pai????

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