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Dank Heady Worchester Review!


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Don't know who wrote this but thought it was really funny.



worcester, MA

96th show (103rd if you add up third set shows)

YEM-opener, old school bust out, called it eating my grinder at 5PM, knew it was coming.....flawless intro and changes. Stellar "Boy", real energetic, followed by less flowing "shit", and "man", not as good

as hampton, but a strong "God", brought us into a sick funk groove.......trampoline act=nailed it, haven't seen such tight jumping since SPAC in 93' mike's hair was long and flowing, right into some sick funky jamming, great way to start the night, funky chickens to the left and right of me, into a super super dank mike bass solo, possibly in my top 10, this was no doubt head-ass, you could see it on the faces into the crowd.......lost my crew on the floor in the mayhem, and downed dome yaeger for the vocal jam boogey

Clone- seeing cactus and kottke up in a super head church in Burly, immediately knew it was a mike tune, crowd seemed confused, jumped up on chair to dance and sing along, felt super heady at this point, grooving to some sick mike plucking and vocals, next up.

Roggae- nice groove intro, fish is on point, energy in the crowd feels like this is going to rip, visions of DFB, pressure on inner bladder, bathroom run before the groove hits, alculated all bathroom lines, hit the super secret janitor john after seeing lines, back for the groove, mediocre, but making total eye contact with page, pulled out the corn cob and puffed down right in front of him. On to

Drifting- One of my tops of the night, from the opening note I knew something was phishy about tonight, little weird without the horns, but page was ripping it better than ray and I know it was time to pull off the turtleneck, its dancing time, good strong groove, one of the best trey solos I've heard on drifting, totally got me in the mood for what was next....

Blue Skies!!!!!!! Only seen this tune 5 times in my life, possibly only topped by kiss my black ass, THE best tornado tune, john sang really well, and although trey couldn't keep up with archers guitar tracks, trey definitely pulled some of his own heady rifts..... page filled in nicely, and though none of the meatballs around me knew what was going on, I was kickin it 3 chairs wide, puffin cob clouds at the band, everything was shaping up nicely...

Moma Dance- what can I say, get hese .mp3's, epic, phish in their hometurf playing classic 80's phish, sick sick , type IV jamming in the middle, I can't even go on, possible one of the best tunes of the night, even dad was dancing over near the boards with his binoculars...

Final Flight- apparently another kottke tune, time to run for another mgd and some ice cream, missed this one

Maze- sickness, possibly the best one I have heard since the last time I heard maze, thick, dark and funky, just the way I like my hippie chicks, the whole place was kickin it down.

Bill Kuroda was waxin up the lights with tons of blue, and the place was on fire, sick sick screaming guitar solo, haven't heard anything like it since lakeside park on the drive up, utter nastiness, the chorus back in at the end of the song kicked my chocolates into full gear. Doing the willy wonka up and down the aisle, lost my glow necklace in the groove, didn't care, page was funkifying the room right up till the

end....second set closer with a bang.....

super dank first set....up to high page for the puff down and blessings


3 waters 2 more ben and jerrys and a stop by the waterwheel meeting and I was ready for another set. Got back down in the 3rd row and hit the gameboy until the lights dropped, speaking of dropping, mario was dropping bombs aswell breaking the high score right before STASH OPENER, I was ready, they were ready, and we were off.....flawlessly played segs right up to the jam part and the centrum

was ready.....got my claps off on time and ever got some lyrics in nice and loud for the few mics that were there, nice groove in the middle of stash, more type II thatn anything else, but the claps made up for it in no time, brought it back around, and nothing really special, but waiting for whats to come.

Ghost>Maki>Yamar- what can I say, the triple linding......I didn't think they could hit it like I could, but boy was there some funky reggae in this these three, ghost was powerful, sweater vest was off, mouthguard in, and down to the rail in front of mike for the maki, GOD DAM, don't fuck with gordon on this one folks, this was the true fisherman, only the heady bombs hitting the floor from start to end as trey wanked his little notes impatiently waiting to rip into, wait, what? huh? what is it? Yamar bitch! already this was turning into the best phish show since the other bassist died in his hotel......what can I say yamar yamar yamar yamar you're no good pa! Looked his way, and he seemed to know we weren't singing to him, I think he had his eye on the earthy sister ahead of him personally cause I was screamin his way......trey diced into yemar for a decent but somewhat above average solo, and page whirled around the organs like me in my figure skates on the local pond, smooth as ice.

guyute- fuck the newborn elf. Ice cream and chocolates had me puking into the information booth, back to the show for the end of waves......

waves-feeling refreshed with a new quart of ben and jerrys I hit the floor again for the end of waves, never liked rift that much, but loved what bill was doing with the lights and the jam was more fluid than I remembered on to the meat.....

Prince Caspian-wwwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoa to be prince caspian, trey was nailing everylick, you could feel the headyness in the air, this was going to rip, dropped the cream and scoped the crowd for my crew and packed a fresh cob......back up on the rail in front of trey, hotties to the left hotties to the right, guys and girls, everyone was rocking, this was definitely leading up to be the jam of the

night, heady transition+heady vocals, + dank dank solos = probably the best I have ever ever heard, and I've been to a sick sick amount of shows......man was I floored, no time to break out the bubbles, back to the oomp loompa up and down all around. Trey slowed it down and went grovved back into a bangles type egyptian dance till he ended abruptly and swung into nothing other than frankenstein!

frankenstein>golgi- Frankenstein was the bomb plain and simple, they wreck the cover version on the the radio, you could feel my musty funk eminate through my tank top as the crowd grooved as one, hard thrashing rock, page was on fire! bill going nuts with the lights, I ran for some more rocky road before the encore......to my dismay, the vendor had shut down.....but almost as a sign from god, trey wailed into golgi right after 2001 teases at the end of frankenstein.....I SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWW YOUUUU with ticket in your HAND, I SAW YOU WITH A TICKET IN MY HAND, always a favorite of mine, ticket in the air, this was indeed a special night, trey ripped up the jam and fishman wailed the cymbals on the final note, I was a sweaty mess, my hemp was wet and hevy and I was completely out of breath......from across the centrum, I could see my crew's flag! A mad dash to the front of the floor for the encore.......I had to see page one more time


LOVING CUP- I had been waiting for this tune for over 67 shows (71 if you counts three set shows) One of my all time favorites, until now only on tapes, and beatles albums.....I don't even know how to tell you what a heady kickdown this was......I got to the flag just in time, gave out some hugs and we packed cobs till the last note, page and trey shredded this one for 10 minutes, I am talking the funky

melon for 10 minutes!, then out the rage worcester and some yacovone love, and back to the hoty for playstation and grolsch's! what a night

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! already this was turning into the best phish show since the other bassist died in his hotel

yeah i didnt think they were together groovin moma in the 80s either groovefetish,

but this review is the fire brah!


Got back down in the 3rd row and hit the gameboy until the lights dropped, speaking of dropping, mario was dropping bombs aswell breaking the high score right before STASH OPENER

this dudes my new hero

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