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East meets West Superjam weekend is on!!


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Friday May 16th

The Green Room

Vancouver, BC

Jimmy Swift Band/ Grand Theft Bus

seamless set East Coast style

Saturday May 17th

The Arts Club Backstage Lounge

Vancouver, BC

Slammin Jack/ Kynkayd

set blender West Coast style

Sunday May 18th?

We've got a 350 venue booked...

Here's to hoping for a GTB/SJ/JSB/Themasses blend-fest rager!!

We could start at 7:00, right after dinner, and go till 1:00 AM when we gotta shut 'er down.

Come on!!

Ahhh... gotta love Spring out West.

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We've got The Fairview for Sunday the 18th.

Maximum capacity 400. I'd like to start around 7:00 PM and go till 1:00 AM... fully blended... pureed by that time I would imagine!!

A little GTB/SJ/JSB/Themasses 6 hour blend set? Life would be sooooooo good.

I gotta talk with Craig, and see if we can't blow it up. Monday the 19th is a holiday in BC.

sweet!! [big Grin]

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