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inter-Galactic BITCH!


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So I have an ad in the paper looking for a new drummer. In the ad I mention Galactic, among others, as one of our influences.

This person named Barbara replied to it, saying she was a funky drummer blah blah.... in it, she mentioned that Galactic was coming to Van soon. Apparantly, we have quite a difference in opinion regarding Theryl (the house-man) from Galactic.

Here's some of our e-mail correspondence:

the end of Barbara's 2nd e-mail:


It's interesting that you are not interested in having vocals

'cause Galactic (in my mind) would be so much less without

the cool juxtaposition of Theryl DeClouet's soulful voice...


my response:


that's funny you say that about the house-man. I've had this discussion with many people and most agree that Galactic would be so much more without the vox. He only comes out for a few songs each show anyways... That's interesting you prefer them with him singin'. It's almost like they're 2 different bands - 1 w/ Theryl and 1 without - I definately prefer them without...

...We should grabba coffee this weekend sometime - I'm free after 3pm sat & sun - we can arm-wrestle over the Galactic controversy...

Her full response:

Ha ha!

and I just knew you were going to say that about Theryl.

Sorry, but despite your edgy-modern-cuttin-edge-exterior,

you are oh-so-very (sigh, yawn, stretch) predictable.

It is also painfully obvious that you are totally new to the planet.

No arm wresting, just listen up boy.

Although you probably don't think of yourself as a

typical, sub-urban, canadiana, white-bread-male (horrors no!)

The fact is this: Theryl is THE SOUL of that band,

and anyone who disagrees secretly watches way too much TV...

Without Theryl, Galactic is just another group of semi-inhabited

badly-dressed-poorly-postured-pale-boys desperately hoping to lick

the Goddess and be granted The Divine Deal through their musical fumbling...

(yes, you can quote me on that).

Even Galactic itself knows that the deep flavor,

(i.e.: the real, raw, flowing, sexy, organic, authentic vibe)

comes from Theryl's essence--that's precisely why he's with them.

What, did you think he was a band member's dad, or there for charity purposes?

I don't think so?

Get with it, Sparky.

Still want coffee?



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So curiosity got the better of me and I decided to meet this sassy whipper snapper. It turns out she's really cool and funky as hell (how could she not be after that e-mail!?) She hangs out with Maceo's son and used to be in a band called Bolero-Lava - apparantly, they played alongside the Chile Peppers back in the day. Her demo was smokin' X-tra funky! she plays funk like Tala and sings like Cheryl Crow.

No - there's no romance here - she's old enough to be my waaaay older sister...

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Thats funny Weezy.. I'm with you. I thought Galactic was instrumental when i bought coolin off and late for the future at the sametime- the tracks that i'd heard were.. then out came theryl tunes.. blargh. "action speaks louder than words.."- you could sub those lyrics into 80% of his vocal lines. he's just a run of the mill soul singer in my books. he has that raspy thing going on but whatever, the lyrics that make me want to turn it off.

funny that she felt so strongly for theryl. i guess she is still trapped in a world of pop expectations. ahhh the shackles.. grin.gif" border="0

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i've never heard this theryl sing with galactic but nevertheless it is the freedom of musical expression and opinion that keeps everything in this crazy scene so original and openminded. People who love music, know music and an educated opinion whether you agree with it or not must be heard. Nothing against you gm or weezy.

This has been "My Two Cents" by Schwa.

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Here's a little insight into the houseman (Theryl) click here

Apparantly, he's never missed a show - I actually really like the idea of the semi-legendary, guru-type of old dude sing the odd song w/ the band, it sort-of adds mystique. But my preference remains unchanged.

gimme a large FUNK sandwich, extra jam, hold the Theryl...

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I thought Theryl kept interest going at the last Galactic show at the Opera House in Toronto - due to the early flat first part of Set #1; and the terrible sound. I'm not his biggest fan, but at least he brought to that particular show some energy ( that was clearly lacking in parts of Set #1 ).

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