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The CPCC has proposed substantially higher rates for the media levy in 2003 and asked it be applied to a larger range of media.


CD-R & CD-RW (non audio) - $0.21 per CD - $0.59 per CD ($0.93 per Gigabyte)

Minidisc / CD-R Audio - $0.77 per CD/Disc - $1.23 per CD/Disc

Cassette tapes (under 40 min.) - no levy - no levy

Cassette tapes (40 minutes+) - $0.29 per tape - $0.60 per tape

Flash Memory (Removable) - no levy - 0.8¢ per Megabyte

Flash Memory (Non Removable) - no levy - 2.1¢ per Megabyte

Micro Hard Drives (mp3 players etc) - no levy - $21.00 per Gigabyte

DVD-R/RW - no levy - $2.27 for each disc

There are several issues to be concerned about:

First of all, the increase on CD-R media is excessive. Most CD-R discs are not used for music at all and therefore should be exempt from a levy. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no exemption available on CD-R media.

Secondly, the levy on DVD media is absolutely ridiculous. I have never sold a DVD-R disc to anyone for copying music. It is absurd to even think that of all the DVD-R media sold, most of it is used for recording music. My greatest fear is that the Copyright Board will pass this levy and in two or three years the film industry will ask for a similar levy. Can you imagine paying a levy to both the music industry and the film industry every time you wanted to transfer your home movies to DVD?

Third, the levy on Compactflash and Smartmedia is beyond belief. These products are used almost exclusively for the digital camera market. Do not be fooled by the low cost per megabyte, if this passes the CPCC can ask for an increase every two years. Once they allow a levy, we will never be able to repeal it.

Finally, the proposed $21.00 per gigabyte for micro hard drives is unbelievable. For example, the new Apple iPod has a 10 gig hard drive and a Canadian list price of $799.00. The new levy would add $210.00 to the retailers cost.

Let Sheila Copps and the Canadian Copyright Board know what you think. If you do not have time to write them, please visit http://www.sycorp.com/levy/index.htm and sign their online petition. It is time for us as Canadians to stand up and demand an end to this meaningless cash grab.

Sheila Copps

Minister of Canadian Heritage

Room 511-S

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0A6

Fax: (819) 994-1267


Claude Majeau

Secretary General

56 Sparks Street, Suite 800

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0C9

(613) 952-8621 (Telephone)

(613) 952-8630 (Facsimile)

majeau.claude@cb-cda.gc.ca (email)

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the flash cards are ridiculous. They haven't even come down to a reasonably affordable price to begin with.

I know that Sony uses "magicgate" technology so you can't use their regular memory sticks with their music players/recorders, so obviously they won't hit memory sticks with levy's. Nobody buys sony music products because of "magicgate" copyright protection crap.

Would levy's now force other manufacturers to create copyright enforced smart media, compact flash and the devices?

How long before an 80 gig hard drive is defined as a music storage device in my computer?

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