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nerolog, Stardate 050502


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nero w/ Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew @ Morgan's, Calgary, Alberta

Arrived in Calgary after a flight peppered with great standup comedy by the stewardess. Found the city deluged with snow; yes friends, winter is still the word of the day here in Calgary while the rest of the free world lounges in the invigorating clasp of spring. Right on cue (half an hour late) the boys met me at the airport and we were off to navigate the snowy treacherous

confusion that is the Calgary streets in May.

Morgan's is a funny shaped bar (talk about playing for the door) that is apparently in a fairly constant state of renovation. Met up with the opening band and went for a fine Vietnamese dinner. The audience was a mixed bag of patchouli hippies, pool playing jocks and some older hard drinkers. Just the kind of place I like.

The Cosmic Crew went on and tore it up. The drummer almost tore up Jay's kit - LOUD player. Went hand in hand with the guitarist - LOUD player. And Lynn the bass player was way solid. Put 'em together and you got one screamin', kickin' rock 'n roll band, they were great. They even teased that real cool Fleetwood Mac tune from 'Rumours'. After a quick set break nero went on and played a stong, energetic set. Could be the guys were a tad influenced by the jumpy antics of the opening band. To my surprise they

took a set break (I thought they were gonna play straight through) but they hurried back on and made me happy that they stopped. The second set rocked hard. Drunk and sweaty hard hitting rock yer face off kinda set. Gotta love those.

Before long it was all over and we loaded out in those big fat love-'em-on-xmas eve, hate-'em-during-loadout snowflakes. Drove the bus to

an undisclosed location and parked it in their lot. Watched a bit of Raiders of the Lost Ark and off to sleep, thus ending my first night on west coast nero tour. Shelah, and good night.

Quote of the Day: "You have pretty vaginas."


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