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Scene and Heard, web version?


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Hey Mark, just wondering if it was a possibility for the rag to have a web version? don't know how its put together for print but I thought it might be doable, no? maybe a .pdf version or something? just throwing out an idea/question or two. Would be cool if there was a .pdf version that users could download and print on their own.

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Hey Shawn,

Mike Knoll and I have talked about a web version, and certainly it is doable. Let me bounce around the idea with him again.

In the meantime, watch your mailbox for issue two ... a big step up from issue one, imho. Some copies of issue two have made their way to the west coast - a bunch were mailed to Vancouver to Craig Glenn of Hipstar Productions. He is a big supporter of this venture.

Right now our biggest challenge is to find enough advertising/sponsorship revenue to make this thing grow even more. We are still at the point where the demand for the magazine exceeds the supply. We have a solid distribution network in Southern Ontario, the Ottawa area, the Maritimes, and Vancouver ... now we need some more revenue so we can get the magazine into more hands. Having said that, a web version could also help to get the magazine into more hands.

Thanks for your support, Shawn. You have done a lot to help the scene grow and become more vibrant, you have helped to get great music into the ears of many appreciative fans (mine included), and I hope to meet you in person at some point in the not-too-distant future.

Peace, Mark

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Hey Mark (and Mike)!!

Of course you both know that I am living in Saint John. The scene here is not quite what is going on in Ontario but we have been more than pleasantly surprised at the amount of quality music.

My girlfriend Nina is a freelance writer working for both the Telegraph and here magazine. Somehow we should talk about getting some regular east coast coverage. We are getting out to lots of shows.....

Hot Toddy- 3 piece with a stand up bass, clean tone blues guitar and acoustic rhythym. These guys are amazing

Grand Theft Bus- What do I have to say about this one

BNB- caught two of the last run out here

BB King- getting on, but still the king of the blues

and of course today we scored 8th row for Dylan with walking distance of my house!

What do you think about some reviews etc. from out here to possibly drum up advertising revenue from out here. There is a big head community in Fredericton that would love the type of thing you are doing.

email me to work something out.



ps. Any chance you could mail me Vol 1+2? I can't get it anywhere here. I can mail you a show in return for your postage.

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Right on, Ill be watching for the next issue, thanks Mark.

Yeah, if you put it online for viewing/download you could have two files; odd pages in in the first, which get printed off, then even pages in the second that could be printed onto the back pages of the odd ones....

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