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Does your city have a SMOKING BAN: read this


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Hello All,

I'm a reporter in NB, and today my unlucky assignment is to try and guage how quickly business resumed after smoking bans were instituted in some Ontario towns. See, Saint John city council is trying to pass one, only this city is like a smoker's haven. People here are pissed, and businesses are crying foul. Fredericton had one, only someone challenged it, and the thing was rescinded. So, if any of you live in Ottawa, Guelph, Waterloo, St. Catharines, Toronto, or anywhere else there is a smoking ban, I could use some help tracking down sources. I need the phone numbers of some local bars. Not restaurants, just bars. If you could just open your local phone book, jot down about three phone numbers, that would help, a lot.

Thanks to everyone,


p.s. I'm going to get front page play for this, in both our city and provincial editions, so I'll remember all of you that could help in any way.

{{{{{{{{{{{GOOD VIBES}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

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Hey Nina. Was "smoking band" a typo or a way to draw people in to read your post?

Anyway, got the phone book in my lap, so here's some random numbers all are (613):

Cooney's Sports Bar, 234-1439

Fire Station, 236-5915

Hard Rock, 241-2442

Mercury Lounge, 789-5324/562-3255

Vineyards, 241-4270

Try some bingo halls; they're among the hardest hit:

The Side Door, 722-7261

Hunt Club Bingo, 736-6969

Friends Bingo, 747-6878

Then there's the Cue n' Cushion, which is now a private billiard hall that allows smoking; 237-2404

Y'know, the people I'd like you to call are at the Somerset Sports Lounge, a great little dive near my place, with karoake and pinball and a lot of people on social assistance, but you can't, 'cuz they closed a month into the smoking ban. Unfortunately, any business you can call survived, so you won't get any stories on how the ban ruined several small businesses.

For the record, I'm pro-ban and a smoking smoker.

Hope this helps, and don't forget the mighty yellowpages.ca!

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OK Here are a few in Waterloo, all 519 area code...(A cross-section of bars and restaurants...everything from cool hang outs to University pick-up joints to dives:

Club Abstract - 571-9032

Ethel's Lounge - 725-2361

Heuther Hotel/Lion Brewery - 886-3350

Revolution/Flying Dog - 886-7777

Circus Room - 743-0368

Jane Bond Cafe - 886-1689

Johnny Fiasco's - 883-8578

Loose Change Louie's - 888-6214

Hope that helps! BTW some of those may have been smoke free before the ban...not sure. And for the record I love the smoking ban...I for one go out more often now that I don't have to enhale second hand smoke!


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While waiting for a bus coming home from the Bayou, I remember reading flyers on the door of The Underground saying they were going the "private club" route. I can't find a website or a phone number for them, but the Punk Ottawa website has a listing for them. It says "Now a non-smoking bar", so I'm not sure whether they're still "private" or not. They list a booking contact as Nancy at 613-730-5748.



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