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nero @ Babylon... WOW


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Thank you to everyone who made last night such a smashing success!

Last night was very important on a number of levels. I have high hopes that many of the new faces will return and help build the momentum that our little scene has sorely lacked of late.

In my opinion, last night was the finest nero show ever in Ottawa.... There was a Comfort Zone esq feeling to the show......... nero laid down an EPIC 2 hr 40 min set..... Everyone danced and danced and danced..... I loved looking around to see so many new faces getting their asses kicked.... Kids I have never seen before, with their eyes shut, bodies shaking and fist in the air.... gives me a warm fuzzy

We had a visit from the editor in chief of the Ottawa Xpress last night. It will be interesting to see if it will result in anything, but simply by attending the show and finally acknowledging that this scene exists was a great step forward. As far as I'm concerned we could not have put a better face forward than we did last night...... Thank you to all of you.

Special thanks to Brad and Laurie for all your help at the door.

Quote of the night

From a very drunken Dave-O

"it's like an out of town nero show in Ottawa......... Quote that shit man"

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(You may have seen a Post disappear, that was mine. I just saw that there already was a Topic for this one)

Pumpkin Song


Oregano Mice>





Speedqueen (This may have been after Watabug)

El Vezz

401 Theme>Centrognome>401 Theme

Encore: Condor

The bar was nice and packed and dancing, I like to see that! Over-all, you get what you pay for when you see the boys and this night was well worth it again, specially when you find some snow in the back seat of a cab. As many have noted and probably relayed, this nights show was not unlike the Comfort Zone this summer. Sometime in Lemondust, the 'techno-groove' came out (for lack of a better cliche). The boys kept bringing it out and feeding off the dancing crowd. No set break, just continual playing. I am not sure if Velvet was bringing the boys their liquids though. Nice night for a walk in the park. I took some pics, and will send them off soon enough, but the lighting in that bar isnt up to par for those types of shots, so I want to go through them again, if I ever get sober enough to remember my name.


I have no idea, so I will offer up a tie between Treyter and Davey-Boy. Pretty safe bet.

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Nero nearly broke me!

That damn Oregano Mice>Lemondust... At the third song en plus... and no set break...

Warning... dancing can be dangerous to your health... I'm still a bit sore, and I have dance class tonight... and danced 40 minutes (not continuously, thank goodness) in yesterday afternoon's heat... At this rate I won't survive the month...

I'm starting to think that Nero and Drums&Tuba together might be hazardous to my health.

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Guest Low Roller

For the longest time I've heard amazing things about the CoZo show after Phil, and regretted not being able to go.

On Friday night Nero delivered a killer show, and during one of the more intense jams I get told "this is like the Comfort Zone show!".

Fucking A. [smile]

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