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Help...New Year's - I am heartbroken


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OK, look at the email I was greeted with in my inbox this morning.... no joke.... this is the person I THOUGHT was giving me my New Year's extra....

...I need help..... someone please cheer me up or else provide me with appropriate methods of revenge.......


"Bad news. I initially made the deal with Shakey - so

basically, it's his. Please don't hold this against me.

Even worse news - these ARE front row centre (check the

MSG seating chart). I've felt sick to my stomach ever

since I found out."

------- Start of forwarded message -------

Subject: Phish Ticket Request

From: "phishtickets@rlc.net" phishtickets@rlc.net

Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 17:46:58 (GMT)



Congratulations! You have just purchased the following

tickets for the Phish shows

Dec 31 2002 Madison Square Garden New York, NY (2 x

$49.50 = $99.00)

Section - 2/Row - A/Seat - 7

Section - 2/Row - A/Seat - 8

Total Cost of Ticketing $99.00

Shipping Fee $15.00

Convenience Fee $9.00

Order Total $123.00

If you requested tickets for any other shows, we regret

to inform you that

we were unable to process the request for these shows.

Your tickets will ship the week following December 2nd,


expect a follow-up email detailing your exact ship date

as well as

your tracking number. If you have any problems or

questions, please reply

to this email or call 434-951-0330. Enjoy the show!

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Thanks guys.... I actually shed a tear about this when I found out... people at work think I am strange, no doubt....

I do not think I will be able to socially interact with these people until late next year....

I've had break-ups that have been easier than this....

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That is flat out nasty!

Although I do not know the details of the deal you had worked out, if it was me, I think it would be years until I spoke to that person again.

I am working my butt off to get tickets. I *HOPE* I get extras because this is the first please I will turn.


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That's ok Shainhouse... I actually wasn't banking on getting any tickets through mail order... the big deal for me is just the combination of how great it all would have been.... the pristine package of 1st night back in NYC on new year's eve coupled with front row centre....... being that close on that particular night.

Oh well... I'll just obliterate myself elsewhere I guess! [Wink]


Brain - Thanks..... I know... I don't think the person did it to be nasty but I'm sensing some bribery was involved (?)

anyways, the same person who did this also got me into Radio City for Phish so I guess I can;t complain too much....

I am going to have issues though being around these two for both the hype and aftermath of this event..... distance could be the best remedy....

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This brings up an interesting hypothetical:

You end up having 2, 4, or however many extra tickets to NYE@MSG. All your immediate and closet friends either have tickets or cannot go.

You decide to offer up the extras to the Sanc - you have decided NOT to make hundreds/thousands of dollars by sellling the tickets to scalpers.

HOW do you decide who to sell the extras too?

I would *love* to be faced with this dilemma, and I know it may be a little farfetched, but how would YOU go about doing this?


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