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well, by virtue of the other team losing their first game tonite (we had an awful nite), THE BOWLING STONES HAVE CLINCHED FIRST PLACE (of the 2nd half) AND MOVE DIRECTLY INTO THE LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!


if you'd had asked me 8 months ago if i thought this could happen, i'd have said to you "no way, jose!".

what a hilarious 8 months this has been....

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hahaha, thats fuckin sweet KevO! i just about picked up a kickass bag there once, but i thought my ball would bust through. it had a hilarious picture on it, tho. i dont remember what it was, but i remember laughing.

and booche, im real curious what you were hoping for. hahahaha.

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hahaha... we got a guy in the league who we affectionately refer to as "One Step", because he only takes one step when he rolls... he's always going over the line... which always causes us to breakout into song...

"one step over the line, sweet jesus, one step over the line..."

and if i was ambitious enough i could probably find the post about the other dude threatening to go get his gun, before being escorted to the mental home. but, im not.

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