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You Knew It Would Happen!!!


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With an unprecendented 246 pin victory, THE BOWLING STONES, the "bad news bears" of bowling, emerged victorious in their rookie season in the Huron Husky Bowling League, at Brunswick Huron Lanes in London, Ontario.

folks, we had no right. but we did it.

time to drink some beers.

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Thanks man, you've pioneered the way for all non-league bowlers everywhere. We can all be champs, but you and your 3 brave hero friends paved the way for every little guy that felt they couldn't compete with bowlers who own their own balls and shoes; who use one of those wrist protection devices; who don't booze when they bowl. I salute you!

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LMP: thanks for the cheer! pure brilliance!

PC: i gotta confess... i do have my own ball... but it was a gift... i swear... and the shoes were stolen from an alley years ago... but 75% of the team is balless, and 50% is shoeless... so thats somethin.

haha, you'd think the joy would have worn off by now... nope! we gave a framed team photo to the bartender, and she put it up on the wall behind the bar.. and we should get our plaques next week... i wish i had a bar to put it above.

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