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Random Stephen Franke at PJC w/ mr some x2 July 2


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Stephen Franke w/ Mr Something Something

July 2nd

Pepper Jack Cafe

Dont forget about this show in the mess of amazing upcoming shows in the next coupla months...

if you dont know who he is, definately give him a listen.

Here's a link to his site.


and here's some of his music:


THis show is NOT to be missed.

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Indeed, this is a serious matter. Stephen Franke and NFTT were absolutely incredible the last time they were around. Anyone who was there I know would strongly agree. They've got a fresh sound that I couldn't really compare to anyone else... bit of a latin flavour as well. Too bad the CTMF is the same weekend.

As far as we knew when we were booking this show, there was only going to be a may 24 izzy's and a labour day one.

Honestly, between Mr. Something Something and Stephen Franke

it would be hard to top these bands.

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i love mr something something, but they ain't got squat on stephen franke.

agreed... Mr. Something Something put on a great high energy show but the Stephen Franke I've heard is some way on stuff... that CTMF overlap is somewhat worrisome but I'd imagine if he's in the neighbourhood anyways it wouldn't be too unlikely they're playin the festival as well... hope the Cats, Wassabi or anyone else I definately can't miss aren't booked for Fri night in any case

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