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Hey, hey, A billion miles to Mark A


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To help combat the ticketless masses at this year's Coventry festival. Phish has phormulated a plan that will make it very difficult for any of those without a ticket to even catch sight of the festival grounds.



Preparations are underway for the Phish concert in northeastern Vermont on August 14th-15th. Interstate I-91 which runs from Hartford, Connecticut to the Canadian border is the main thoroughfare to the site. Traffic is expected to be backed up several miles on the days prior to the concert date and after the event. Cars will be stopped at Orleans (see map.) Occupants will not be allowed to proceed any further to the concert site without tickets. Those with tickets will be allowed to proceed north on Route 5A from this intersection to the site. There will be no access to the concert site from Newport.

About half a dozen medical centers staffed by a special medical team will be set up on the concert site to handle most medical emergencies including drug overdoses and people who collpase from the heat. Phish's policy is to take care of its fans, the medical care is free as long as you are a ticket holder and stay on the site.

August is traditionally Vermont's hottest month and there will be little shade . There are no trees since it is an airport! So bring a bicycle to get around and an umbrella. August is a thunderstorm month. Sudden heavy rain, high wind and lightning is possible. (Thunderstorms and lightning strikes are said to be THE major safety concern of the organizers

This will be the last concert by the Phish according to an announcement on the Phish Website. Trey Anastasio, lead singer and guitarist for the popular Vermont-based jam band says "The band has run its course" and has decided to end its 21-year run "while it's still on a high note."

About 600 acres is being set aside in order to accommodate the 70,00 ticket holders and the thousands of service people. It will be the biggest rock concert in Vermont since the Grateful Dead's performance in Highgate in 1995, It will also be the first time that Phish has played in its home state since 1995 when it played in Sugarbush

The concert is being held in a relatively poor rural area, known as the Northeast Kingdom. Most of the inhabitants favour of the concert because of the money that will be spent by the fans. Ticket sales are expected to generate $35 million.

The few motels, bed and breakfasts and inns in the area are already booked in anticipation of the event which is anxious to attract more businesses and light manufacturing.

Gates for the event will open at NOON on Thursday, August 12. No tickets will be sold at the gates. If you come without a ticket, you will not get in and the event will be well policed to prevent non ticket holders from entering the concert area. The ticket price of $149.50 includes up to four nights of parking and onsite camping. There is a limit of 6 tickets per person. Capacity is limited, so advance ticket purchase and carpooling is strongly encouraged.



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This sucks rocks and blows great big buffaloes. From the article:

If you are coming from Canada, you will have to travel south to Orleans.

Short of taking the Thursday off as well, our best plan might be to head to Vermont after work (for those of us who work) Thursday, and either get in line Thursday night, or see if we can camp at vermontdave's Thursday night* and head out really early (like, dawn) Friday morning.



* Is vermontdave coming to Coventry?

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ya know freeker, when i excitedly opened this thread, understandably thinking it ween-related, i was absolutely horrified to discover it was about phish, & thought i should deliver a good smack next time i see you.... BUT it got transdermal celebration in my head & hey, that is a good thing. :)

as for the actual thread topic, that is some pretty lameass ka-ka, i do say. has phish indulged in too many lot party balloons? who are they thinking is going to come to this show, a pack of barry manilow fans? are they somehow forgetting a big portion of their fanbase is throngs of schwilly sketched out miracle searchin' wooks whose livelihood revolves around swagging grilled cheese & hemp jewellry in the parking lot? how very selfish! if it's gonna be their last show "ever", then hell, make it international newsworthy mayhem. i nominate newrider to lead the gatecrashing committee!

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Aw sh!t I didn't see the part about Canadians having to go south to Orleans. How the hell does that work. I say we still cross at Newport and hope we can cruise right in.

A good question, is VTDave coming? VTDave are you out there, respond, let us know whats up...maybe an early adventure down to Jericho is in order.

PP, sorry about the Ween-trap, didn't mean to get any Phish on ya. Couldn't help myself, as soon as i read the article TransCel starting going off inside my brain.

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