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First annual "turkey Jam"


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A fu©king good time

On October 10th, after all the turkey and stuffing are gone... put the children and Paisley to bed and head on down to The Great Canadian Bar at 44 James Street in St.Catharines... Where at the stroke of 10pm, the World of Harvard Mouse will be on display for the listening pleasure of many... and when the have extracted all of their musical energy to the listening pleasures of many dancing happy people, the world of Rose Garland, St.Catharines pride and joy, will add some more fuel to the fire of the epic musical event of the thanksgiving!!! Remember folks, its a holiday Monday... so don't be shy, come on down to St.Catharines and support "OUR MUSIC SCENE---PLEASE! :: :: after hour silliness will be available. $5 at the door... also, just in, there are rumours of a re-enactment of the now legendary double drumkit show.... See ya all there.

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I personally clicked on this because I thought it wuz one of them there beastiality threads....and that folks wuz runnin a foul as it were...

Wuz gonna call PETA, but seein as how no turkey's are being hurt in promotion of the show...(cept of course the millions that will be slaughtered and consumed beforehand)......

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interesting hamilton... perhaps both... i mean, in my particular scenario, I was on mushrooms, however, the turkey was cooked with magic mushroom stuffing up its ass, so, i suppose the turkey could have been on mushrooms, too... im not sure what type of effect mushrooms have on animals when you cook them inside them... but, it was very very dead, so maybe none at all.

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