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Kingston's The Mystic Caravan Toronto CD Release

Jay Funk Dawg

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The Mystic Caravan is a Kingston-based band that has played with That One Guy, Burt Neilson Band and many more... they are a rock trio, fronted by two singer/songwriters and a powerhouse drummer. Major influences are Jeff Buckley, Led Zepplin, Coldplay, Rush... certainly worth checkin out!!

The Mystic Caravan CD RELEASE PARTY - "FLY"

The album cover done by Cameron Tomsett (He did the Hip's In between Evolution CD Art work)


The Mystic Caravan

w/ Aidan (folk.rock)


In Support of Living (live electronica w. violin from Guelph and Toronto)

& North of Summer (edgy rock from Sutton)


Saturday, November 20th

El Mocambo Upstairs

The Mystic Caravan is an unpredictable group gaining it's fair share of local press in the past year for their underground musical projects. Having heralded rave reviews for their debut album "Urban Pleasures", this group has proven themselves as competent recording artists with a mature and innovative songwriting approach. From this album alone one gets the feeling that this group is a special and rare talent who captures magic on record. But it doesn't stop there... In March of 2003, the group placed second in the Canadian Music Week Extreme Bandslam., claiming a unanimous victory over 62 other groups in eastern Ontario, Canada. With their energetic and open stage performance, thumping powerful sound and cleverly catchy tunes, they weren't just a recording act, but a live act too. One not to be missed.

Here's what the press has to say about The Mystic Caravan:

"During a show at the Scherzo Pub in Kingston last month, The Mystic Caravan decided, in the interests of spontaneity, to scrap their planned song list. Instead, minutes before they were to hit the stage, they sat down at the bar and wrote out their entire first set in randomly selected keys, and then proceeded to play for the incredulous audience."

Paul Gurnsey, The Whig Standard.

"The show really got started once The Mystic Caravan took the stage and won the approval of the growing crowd 30 seconds into their first song. With a sound that ran the gamut of everything from Radiohead to Elevator to The Dalai Llamas and back, this local five-piece band is a salute to originality and a hybrid of talent. TMC belted through an energetic performance loaded with ballsy guitar, heavy bass and keys. The recipe culminated into a sonically diverse, vocally spectacular and visually stimulating set."

Renee Taylor, The Queen's Journal.

"They're called Mystic Caravan but their sound is far from ephemeral. The Kingston band Mystic has produced Urban Pleasures, a CD that features a full, beautifully crafted sound that romps all over the musical map making definitive statements."

Lynn Rees Lambert, Kingston This Week.

"The surprise victors of the contest were The Mystic Caravan, who raised the temperature yet again with their sonic diversity and atypical, high-energy delivery. The band won the unanimous approval of the judges, earning high scores for their brilliant vocals, prolific lyrics and magnetic stage presence."

Renee Taylor, The Queen's Journal.

"Urban Pleasures" is selected as a 'must have' disk of 2003.

Sarah Crosbie, Kingston Whig Standard.

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yeah the drummer is wicked...

I should come clean on this one... my cousin is the guitarist/vocalist Brad Smith.. He's such a wicked guy, he produced and recorded a couple of albums I did with The Aaron MacDonald Band... we were a touring band in Nova Scotia between '99-'02. I'm really fond of Brad's singing and guitar playing (reminds me of some of my favorite music); as well as the visual stuff he comes up with ... they've done videoes for most of the songs on the albums, (and for songs that didn't make the album) The whole band is quite prolific artists; be it songwriting, producing vidoes for themselves or other people (Brad did a documentary/instructional video on Don Ross a couple years back.)

check 'em out!

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