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This was just sent out to Don Ross' email listserv. If I were in Montreal, I'd be there:

Hello fellow travelers,

I'm in Montreal tonight as special guest of the fabulous PEI singer/songwriter Brooke Miller:


You can listen to some complete mp3's of Brooke's work at her site, including some new recordings that we've demo'd at my own studio.

I'll be doing some solo stuff and playing some tunes along with Brooke.

Come down and bring your friends. Show starts at 8 pm.

The Yellow Door

3625 Aylmer

Montreal, QC, Canada


(514) 398-6243


See you there!


Don Ross




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anyone catch this?...what is the song...that is a theme song to something...t.v show mabey....that I always thought was melting, velveeta, cheese, untill I heard him do the full deal and is in fact one of the most beautifull songs I've ever heard...brought me to tears(not that thats an unusual feat hoho).I know this aint much info to go on but if ya know let me know. :P... the fire burned a hole in my allready scetchy memory banks :P

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The only cover that I can think of that he does is "Can't Find My Way Home" by Blind Faith, but that doesn't sound like it could be the song you are thinking of.

On the off chance, does that happen to be it?

If not, I can email Don Ross and find out which TV theme song he plays. He is pretty good about replying to emails.

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...hmmm...gees...I think its Mr.Ross I'm thinking of? Velvet it was him we saw at Carlton U.?

The song is on the tips of my brain wires....I'm thinking mabey that cheesey show with the kids from Alaska or someplace up North....ahh booger snots...I used to have a memory but hes gone away now.

sh!t tell me it was him we saw at Carlton....egads julia.(i miss the roll eyes gremlin) ::

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His wife died of cancer a couple of years ago. I think there is a song about that, but I don't recall the name right now. It was a very sad situation, and Don shared his feelings with his fans on his listserv, in a surprisingly blunt manner. It really pulled at the heartstrings, especially with all the mention of their two kids (who now often go on tour with him).

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