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QOTD - April 30

mikey d

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In the jamband world theres the bands that jam and take the music to new heights, constantly building upon their own creations and bring the music in different directions completely on the spur of the moment. There also seems to be some bands who jam just for the sake of jamming. It apears that some bands think that just because they're labelled as a jamband they should draw out every song into a 20 minute long jam, going over the same chords, same riffs and ripping out the odd solo. I'm not pointing any fingers at any band in particular, as I think most the jambands out there are great, but my question is:

Who do you think the best bands jam-wise are? Not nesasarily the best bands, but what bands are the best at jamming? And I'm talking live here.

Personally, the two bands who have completely floored me with their jamming abilities are MMW and nero.

What about you?

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MMW - organic music that can't help but create itself

Phish - b/c those Winter 2003 jams are superb and fresh!

The New Deal - ALWAYS jammin', free but focused...

I mean, there are tons of bands that jam well, and tons more that just wank off in a groovy fashion but those are my picks for now. [big Grin]

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What I always enjoy about Phish is that they get real weird, but there's nearly always some kind of song contextualizing the whole thing - it can be a bizarre journey but there's a definite start and ending. Blues Traveler do this too, as do Widespread, those would be amoung my picks for sure.

I love bands like nero and Bela and New Deal, but sometimes I'm listening to those bands wishing to hear something a bit more... song-y. Does that make sense?


Mr. M.

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Do I even need to say the PLQ?

YES! Its Hux's bday, so I figure some for of a smartaleky remark will be lurking in his fogged-out brain [Wink]

Phish will always be up there for me, no matter what the state of affairs may be.

Moe is really flying around in my world now, so I should include them as well.

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