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QotD 2004-12-09


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Here's a QotD about QsotD and the like:

When a QotD (or a "What's in your CD changer now?" question) such as yesterday's comes up, do you, as a reader of the posts, do anything with or based on what the others write?

For me, the answer is, "Not really", though I did add the Ugly Casanova disc to my Christmas list after Velvet's latest post about it. I guess the problem is that I don't have the time/energy/resources to go track down a lot of the discs (or books or movies or whatever) that people refer to. :(

I'm wondering if we can maybe do some kind of "Mix CD" (or book lending library) of the month: somebody volunteers to put a compilation together in a given month, and we rig up some kind of trading tree to get it out. That way, at least people would be able to hear (some of) what people are referring to; the compilations could be of a single artist, or a mix of different artists, and, ideally, would include enough info to allow the people who get the disc to go hunt down what they could of what they liked.



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mornin' brad.

1) yes, i've been known to purchase cd's, or download shows, based on the recommendation of a skanc here and there... and for the most part, i've been happy with what i've heard.

2) i like your idea. i did something similar in a thread way way back where i offered some mixed discs of things i like to listen to to the first few people who messaged me.. was hoping it would kind of perpetuate itself, but it didnt... i do like the idea of a mixed disc trading ring, though, i think it's a great way to learn about different kinds of music, and perhaps get turned on to some things you may never have considered.


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