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My Secret Hannuka Harry Rocks!!!


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I was just sitting in my office, when our receptionist brought me a mysterious package from Guelph, Ontario. I opened it up to find an AWESOME book. It is a coffee table book about painting cats. I have seen a couple of these photos before, but I have never seen the whole book.

Now, my Secret Skanc Hannukah Harry did not put his/her name on this, but I suspect they know me. If they don't know me, then they have done their homework and knew enough to send me this. THIS GIFT IS PERFECT (PURRFECT?)!!! I absolutely love it, and I want my Skanc Exchange Amigo/Amiga to know that. I am touched, excited, and very pleased with my gift. Everyone in my office has already looked at it and loved it.

I encourage my Secret Hannukah Harry to identify him/herself, but if they choose not to, please accept my thanks. YOU ROCK HARD!

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