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The last day and a half of my blizzard of 04 experience has gone something like this:

Leave St Catharines ON at 3:00 pm Sun

Drive through blinding snow to arrive at Pearson for 5:30 pm (usually a one hour drive)

Check in with Jetsgo for our 7:00 pm flight to Moncton

A series of airline blunders including no fuel trucks at Terminal 3, lost luggage, and incorrectly announced gates and the plane was in air at 1:30am

Landed in Moncton at 3:30am and crawled across about 10km that took 45 minutes.

Woke up today to my car and my girlfriends car in a 8 ft drift, while she was supposed to be in Fredericton for a press conference.

Serenity now, serenity now........

At least we have all of the new cds that my parents bought us!


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