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Moment Last night


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Aye, had the good fortune of getting in with Jay, conga and didgeridoo (seriously, can I have part of my brain operated on so I can remember names better? - sorry guys!), which was a hoot. I could get spoiled, being able to jam without first having to navigate the 401! (I keep thinking of that Joni Mitchell line - "The Indian chiefs with their old beliefs know/The balance is undone - crazy ions -/You can feel it out in traffic/Everyone hates everyone...."). *Someday* someone at Laurier or U of W will come through with a research grant or a job or something....

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Awesome Dave, I'm sure it would have be loads of fun!

"*Someday* someone at Laurier or U of W will come through with a research grant or a job or something.... "

I'm keeping my fingers, toes, and everything else that I can keep crossed crossed for the above grant or job to materialize ... somebody at one of Waterloo's institutes of higher learning will eventually see the merit in having Dr. Evil on their side!

Peace, Mark

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That was a hoot... I really enjoyed that Dig/Congas/Acoustic/Electric Jam... that was very tasty stuff... kinda sounded like jerry influenced world beat...

Josh has some great jams on the Slide Guitar... Anthony (Rage) held down some mean bass.... Other participants included Steve(deadly Guitar), Cam (on Drums), Darrly Shelly (guitar), a wicked bass player who funked it out..., Nathan solid on Drums. No shortage of musicians!!

There was also this 'band' called Hog who jammed it up for a bit...Dapper Dan the Drummer almost beat the living tar out of that drum kit!

What a was a fun night, I hope to do it again!! Thanks to all who showed! Damien (let's get you on the pedal stee), Mr. Slippery, (we need your bass and singin' skill) and Large Marge (get the on the drumz) and to all y'all bring it on!

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