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The Decemberists


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My friend is trying to get me to check out The Decemberists here in Vancouver tomorrow night.. Its a bit expensive at $22 but I'll likely go. Anyone here have any thoughts on this band? I've heard of them through all the usual indie rock media outlets but haven't heard their tunes.

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haven't got a clue KevO..

but does that mean you are in Vancouver these days?

are you going over to the Island?

Joel Plaskett is playing in Victoria next Thursday the 24th at Lucky Bar...check him out if ya can

good to see you checkin' in

saw a smokin, JMATS and Cuff the Duke show last night at the Trash and I made a comment to mooose that i miss seeing you and Downy in a Peterborough crowded bar ::

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I think the Decemberists are brilliant. I'd gladly pay $22 to see them ... but I've never heard any reports of how their brilliance does or doesn't come across in their live shows.

Lyrically very clever, and musically accomplished as well. Allmusic.com once described them as a "seafaring Belle & Sebastian or a more grounded Neutral Milk Hotel", which is pretty accurate as far as I'm concerned.

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thanks guys, i'm looking forward to checking em out tomorrow.

cowboy, yup i'm in vancoover! the ski season at red came to an abrupt conclusion and i hightailed it outta there on tuesday. visiting some friends here and in whistler and then my brother in calgary, then back to ontario in a few weeks. i might be moving back to ptbo for the spring! (either that or hamilton).

jan 14 - joel plaskett at the gordon best

jam 15 - the sadies and the spades at the moho!

click here cowboy

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