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London, Ontario


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I posted two mp3 downloads from Pepperjacks if you wanna hear some new Wassabi...

just tried that but the download page crashed my browser... gonna try again after dinner (looking forward to checking them out away from it all)

have a great show Guigs, get some food in ya and rally the troups... heard the band has a lot of old friends in town so hopefully it'll be as suprisedly jam packed as the Hammer was

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Since we're talkin London... does anyone want to check out some Chatham-born indy space rock this Friday at The Last Drop? Team Scott, maybe? They are called Square Root of Margaret and they are very catchy, noisy at times, great songwriting too. Quite much a "sonic celebration!" I've been enjoying their music since the mid-nineties when we'd watch them play three night weekend runs at the old Aberdeen Tavern.

check em out: All Blond Trees from Endless Rotation

There are some more downloadable songs at their site: www.srom.net

Square Root of Margaret will also be playing in Toronto on Tuesday, April 19th at The Horseshoe as part of New Music Night!!! I work with the rhythm guitarist. They are quite excited about this show in particular.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure I'll be at the BNB show on the 15th.

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