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MMW "afterparty"


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For those going to Medeski Martin & Wood on the Canada Day weekend in Montreal, I think I've found something to do afterwards... Snelly and I were thinking of hitting up a "rave"... I said I'd go to one as long as there was some gabber. This party does the trick:


RIDE Productions

Canada, Quebec, Montreal

Location: 24H a l'avance @ 22:00

RIDE Production présente AWESOME POWER:

Omar Santana, (Hardcore) H2oH Recordings, Mooshine, Topa2 records

Blastcorps inc, (Maximus VS Cranium) (Hardstyle)

Merkurius VS EXT, (Hardcore)

Slammer Virus, (live set) repent, tokyo, hard as fuck,

Tyrant, (transcore)

Juniah, (hardtrance) trance-nrg.net

Music: Room 1:

22:00 Blastcorps inc. (Quebec City) - Hardstyle

24:00 Merkurius (Quebec City) - Hardcore - Kanibalz

24:00 exT (Ottawa) - Hardcore - http://www.djext.ca

02:15 Omar Santana (Los Angeles) - Hardcore

04:15 Slammer Virus Band - Live set - Repent Tokyo Records

05:00 Tyrant - Trancecore

07:00 Juniah - Hardtrance - Trance-NRG.net

Tickets: 0 @ 150.....15$ (100 premiers billets avec CD démo)

151 @ 400.....20$

401 @ 1000.....25$

Ottawa & québec.....15$

les billets sont en vente a partir du 9 avril 2005:

Platine, 847 St-Jean, Qué.....418-529-8174

Psychonaut, 154 Prince-Arthur, Mtl.....514-844-8998

Atom Heart, 364 B, Sherbrooke est, Mtl.....514-842-8484

Norml clothing, 55 William st, Ottawa

Info: Info line: 514-666-0055

Looks good to me, Omar Santana is a gabber legend, it's got a fairly late start, and it looks like a legitimate party (not some gig at a club). Should be good times... Snelly, are you in?

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fuck you fuckers and your Montreal nonsense. No CTMF? I love MMW - and Montreal! - as much as the next guy, but hell, there's nothing like debauchery outdoors.

You can always blast some gabber at the campsite and alienate some folks who might have otherwise been new friends }:|

(hmm .. still problems with the cuss filter. The top line was meant to read the equivalent of 'fawk you fawkers and your ...')

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Yeah, there's a CTMF that weekend, but the May 24 is always the best one of the year... Plus it's MMW with Ribot opening... That's going to be one great night of music... And to actually find a good party happening the same night? One that actually has a great gabber DJ spinning at it? That's too many signs pointing to Montreal for that weekend to not go... Do what you've got to do d_rawk... Me and Snelly are buying our MMW tickets pretty soon...

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The mission: to not piss meggo off too much before Canada Day weekend, 'cause she's got wheels, baby!

(and while I could always throw my thumb in the air and show a little leg to get there, I might be feeling too exploited by the time I arrived to have any fun)

Hey cranky-pants ... didn't mean to hijack your thread dude. It does sound like a great show and a goodtime afterparty.

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