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Wassabi at Shaker


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Wow, and double wow!

What a great party in St. Andrews! I saw JSB and GTB and Tala for the first time, and I was blown away. I was deeply honored to play on the stage as well. What a great vibe! Thank you so much...

BTW, the wassabi site is at www.wassabi.net

apparently there has been some confusion about the site's location.

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It's not nice to call an act horrible. Also, if your grammar and spelling is any indication of your musical knowledge, then I suppose Wassabi were okay.

Still, everyone is entitled their opinion, and mine is quite the opposite of yours. I think Wassabi is an excellent band, with more spirit and joy for music than any band that I have seen for a long time. Why, if Wassabi were horrible, did they sell so many CDs and receive so much positive feedback on their site? Anyway, I look forward to seeing them in Halifax on Thursday.

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Was an amazing time for sure.The Shaker was such an incredible scene.Very aware people there.


As always never disappoint.Two nights of you guys still isnt enough.

Great to party with ya'll back-stage/inside the house.Such great energy & vibes.

See ya Pepper Jacks my friends and we will continue the party.(TWC after-party [Eek!] will be a blast also)

Definatley one of the hardest working bands in Canada.

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