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Rheostatics - MOD CLUB - Tomorrow.


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Sure did, AD. It was good times. I missed the beginning (it's hard enough for me to make it to shows that start at 11, let alone 8pm). But the second set was sweet. They played a few new tunes that sounded more like something you'd find on the 1st disc of Tielli's subscription series. NICE!!! Bidini's daughter came out and danced her little heart out during the encore. What a cutie. For an 8pm show, this was killer. A lot of jumping and 12 string action. :thumbup:

Setlist isn't with me now, and is far from complete. Anyone else catch this and have the info for me?

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I heard from some folks we met after that it was 2 sets. However, I only showed up for the last hour and a bit. So I'm not 100% on that. Fuckin' hear-sayers. ;)

There was a lot of instrument switching (Bidini played everything but his fuckin' shoe), but no Steinberger action that I saw. However, Shauna had this to say in a Six Shooter newsletter from October 9, 2002:

p.s. anyone got a Steinberger just like the one Martin uses for sale? His is worn right out. :(

I thought I saw him with it (or at least a similar one) at the Starlight a year or two ago, but that could've been wishful thinking.

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