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Free iPod offer - update (iPod arrived today!)


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I wanted to provide you all with an update on the free iPod thing posted in THIS thread.

As bouche dictated, please do not post referral links in this new thread.

Last week I requested approval for my free 20GB colour iPod, as I had 6 referrals complete offers. They said this would take 7-10 business days. Today I logged in to my account and saw that my account was reviewed and approved, and I placed my order for the iPod. I now have an order number, and am told to expect the order to ship within 4-6 weeks (I don't mind that at all).

Overall this has been a great experience, and now that I completed all of this they gave me an option to get a free digital camera following the same procedure - and I will certainly give that a try.

I will post once more in this thread when I receive the iPod. Thanks to all that completed offers with my links. If you are interested in doing this click the link above and find a referral link of one of your fellow Skanks in that thread.


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FYI, my free 20GB color iPod arrived today. I hope that clears up any skepticism.

If you want to give this a try please find a referral link in the link above.

For those that are interested in a free digital camera instead, click the link above and then find my post for a referral link to that program from the same company.

FYI, for the digital camera you need 10 referrals instead of 5 for the iPod.

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