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What a night already


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Good ole RDS....me and a couple of Habs lovin' buddies watched the game together. I thought Thornton's bigger line really outplayed Mtl's 1st fine....but they(Ryder from Kovalev, Koivu-PP) got the winner, so that's all that counts. Ribeiro had a few nifty chances too.

"Just look at 'em..."

I watched the end of the Leafs-Sens game too... Allison and Lindros both blew it in the shootout.

I'm liking what I saw all around the league.... seemed to me like there was more scoring. A few longer passes; I think I saw a play where Theodore passed the puck right up to the Bruin's blue line. Still lots of powerplays, but I didn't think there was any outrageous calls, at least in the Habs game. Hopefully the amount of penaltys goes down a bit as the season goes on.

Yeah, hockey's back!

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RDS is the greatest gift to Hab lovers.

Thornton's line terrified me every time they were on the ice! And so, the love-hate relationship with Kovalev begins anew.

It didnt feel like a lot of penalties in the Habs game, but everytime I went to the Ottawa-Laughs match, someone was in the box. I got no real problems with it if the game is going to open up.

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