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My pleasure, man.

The whole Matt Mays & El Torpedo record is chock full of catchy, hard rockin tunes...on its way to being a modern Canadian masterpiece, in my opinion. I know they're riding a little bit of the fickle indie fanbase at the moment, but whatever their pop culture appeal, I feel they've put together a fantastic record. They're also a great live act to catch, though not in Toronto if you prefer to avoid crowds of people who arrive to be seen.

Another guy who I think is putting out incredible rock and roll records despite his status as somewhat of an indie darling is Joel Plaskett. The women swoon, it's true, but when I look back on the big rock records of this era, I'm going to be thinking of his last record with Thrush Hermit, Clayton Park, and his two electric albums with the Emergency, Down at the Khyber and Truthfully, Truthfully. The MM&ET has potential to find its way to that list too, I think.

I'm going to spin a track from the Thrush Hermit record before 9. I'm thinking either something slow and ragged, with a Neil Young vibe, or something harder and more riff-based, channelling the first Sabbath record. peipunk or anybody else, have a preference?

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So, would I have won the Ratdog tix if I was in Ontario??? ;)

Totally man, you were first and foremost!

One more pair up for grabs, haven't gotten an e-mail yet... aaron@thegoodrev.ca if you want them and can pick them up in Hamilton this weekend.

Thanks for listening everybody! peipunk I would have loved to play Fearless for ya but we don't have a copy of Meddle here and I didn't bring mine. I'm going to give you something from Obscured by Clouds if I can fit'er in, and I'll try to remember Fearless for next week.

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Friday morning again, bumpin it up

Wish I had posted earlier, I've been rockin a great chilled setlist. Tune in: http://cfmu.mcmaster.ca

p.s. I'm in the middle of a 'Tribute to the Trio' segment that I came up with on the spot after spinning a cut from Hendrix/Band of Gypsies. The set has included Mule, Oysterhead, Rose Hill Drive, C'mon, SRV/Double Trouble, and I'm about to finish up with a massive 401 > Lemondust > 401 SBD from the Scherzo, March 2003. It's gonna be good...:)

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