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  1. I happen to have a crush on Rob with his northern roots, dog loving and big red beard.
  2. The show at the Garrison tonight was advertised earlier this week on there face book page. It confirms Danielle as well as Taylor Knox and the Main Sail. I'm wondering if there going to play Coat of Arms straight threw like the NXNE set? I've been wanting to buy the album on vinyl at a show because it makes having it a bit more special but i'm going to have to sit this one out. I hope someone shakes there hips and rocks out to Burst for me...
  3. This thread reminds me I still have to buy tickets for the Toronto island show. August 14th. Are any of you cats planning on going? I also wish I had a credit card only so I could buy this as well as other albums on vinyl.
  4. ReDD

    Junk Raiders

    I opened this thread hoping it was about yard sales. If I watched TV I would definitely check out this show! Best of luck!
  5. ReDD

    Hold Steady Ticket

    They are playing tonight in Toronto. So yes, tonight.
  6. ReDD

    Hold Steady Ticket

    I know eh? I mean a free ticket? No one?
  7. Well, I have a Hold Steady ticket for tonight's show and a previous engagement. I have offered it to multiple friends and no ones interested. I really don't want it to go to waste. Does anyone on the board want to go? You just have to pick it up. You can message me here and we can work out details.
  8. ReDD

    Puppy love

    They say the way to a mans heart is threw his belly. I honestly believe giving a woman a puppy has a simiar effect. Good on you peipunk!
  9. ReDD

    Puppy love

    Is that a little border collie puppy? She is adorable and a half! And great choice for a breed if so. Smart, loyal and full of energy! Congrats!
  10. May your day be filled with whatever makes you happiest! Happy Birthday!
  11. I have red hair. Like all Gingers it's been my nick name along with Rouge since I was a kid.
  12. I totally agree with everything you're saying. Not travel worthy maybe if you were in the west, probably definitely if you were in the west and your taste skewed to hardcore, ska, sweaty danceparty bands. Basically what I figured on the programming costs. The economies of scale and being in a major American centre make it alot more cost effective to program bands adventurously.
  13. Does this not sound like the sickest thing ever, to y'all. A converted textile mill with 19 galleries and Wilco doing up guitar pedal and silkscreen poster demos.
  14. I've been on cloud 9 all day. I've literally been waiting for this show since the tickets went on sale a few months ago. I'm hoping that we hear some songs off the earlier albums and not just Ruminant Band. The Earthquake of 73 being one of them! Keep your fingers crossed for me!
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