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National Championship Game


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He was great last night. His value will never be higher but the draft does not set up well for him. Bush will go number one to Houston. Leinhart will likely go second to NO. The rest of the teams dont set up well for Young. They are all bad situations. I think he'll stay in school one more year.

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Apparently Leinart has indicated he will holdout if New Orleans picks him.

Vince Young was awesome but there's no telling how well he'll do against an NFL defence. He seemed to score at will on USC but how much of that had to do with their own defensive weaknesses?

USC lost the game on that missed conversion attempt on 4th and 2. After that there was no doubt that Young wasn't going to march down the field and score the winning touchdown.

Epic game!!

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pick 6th

I emailed Badams today and asked him what the early prognostications were. He told me they would pick a DE if the draft were today.

I have issues.

You know, I shouldnt love this guy as much as I do (Vince Young, that is). I am not a big fan of QB's that dont stay in the pocket, which you have to be able to do in the NFL. As exciting as they are (Randall Cunningham anyone?), you need a QB that thinks as much as they react.

I want to slap Kerry Collins' dumbass brain.......

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