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telemarketing calls


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I don't think the Canadian telemarketers are required to use the American list.

And according to


The CRTC has been authorized to establish a national Do Not Call List (DNCL), select a third-party administrator for the national DNCL, and to levy administrative monetary penalties. In order to do this, the CRTC asked for input on the development and operation of the DNCL, as well as input on what specific DNCL and telemarketing rules are necessary and held a public hearing in May 2006. More information on this public process is available at the following address:


So it looks like there will be a Canadian list (whether it'll have web access or not is a separate question) in the future.

The Canadian Marketing Association, however, has a Do Not Contact Service, but it sounds like when you join it, it only means your name won't be on any lists that get sent out from the CMA after that point; further, not all Canadian telemarketers are members of the CMA, so those that aren't won't be required to stop calling you.



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Good stuff, i agree.

As for all these phone/email/etc in to get your name OFF a list ... i don't do any of them.

Basically, if you respond to their pestering, they 'see' you as an ACTIVE address/email/phone number, etc.

STOP filling out forms for free vacations and online forms and you'll minimize your juck. Also, use a different name on forms and you'll see how they get sold and move around.

Later . . .

Kanada Kev =8)

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