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Jackfruit @ The Casbah Nov 17th (late show)


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Nov 17th 2006 The Casbah Hamilton


For music check out



check out there music, very interesting stuff. great lead vocals, great playing, and great songs. band-jf.jpg

Monster bass lines lurch around every smooth, molten piano roll taunting limbs to get up, get moving. Forging jazz, two-ton funk, drum n’ bass, and a maelstrom of motormouth lyrics Jackfruit has broken ties from genres and classifications that separate music by creating their own unique bricolage too mind-blowing to pigeon-hole.

After a couple of years at the drawing board and only months in practice, the Vancouver-based foursome took to Mushroom Studios to record their first and currently unreleased independent album that demands to be heard; Check Ça.

From forced screams to falsetto, the verbose Chris Berry (Slow Nerve Action/Duran Duran Duran) offers pointed commentary on politics, consumption, fashion, and roller-skating while synth-wizard Ian Lamont (Slow Nerve Action/Duran Duran Duran) speaks keyboard like his first language - alternating melodic, emotional jazz piano with quick blasts of warm screeching organ. Stéphane Fortin (Blue Quarter/Duran Duran Duran) attacks the bass delivering fireball riffs and growling funkiness as drummer Drew Vendetti (Trip) sets the pace through snappy snare shots and eruptions of stupefying swells.

November 7 - Baba's - Charlottetown, P.E.I

November 8 - Paramount -Moncton, New Brunswick

November 9 - Chuggles - Antigonish, Nova Scotia

November 10 - The Attic - Halifax, Nova Scotia

November 11 - Nep-Tunes - St. John, New Brunswick

November 14 - SKOOL - Collingwood, Ontario

November 15 - 3rd Floor Van Gogh's Ear - Guelph, Ontario w/ Duran Duran Duran

November 16 - Red Dog - Peterborough, Ontario w/ Duran Duran Duran

November 17 - The Casbah - Hamilton, Ontario (The late show)

November 18 - Cecils - North Bay , Ontario

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In. No question.

These guys were the talk of Bonfire Fest in August.

I've seen them twice that I recall, and they are fantastic. Chris, alone, is something to see.

Be there. I will be.


I still have to mail you some discs we spoke of (different band, not-thread-related). I have been remiss, but will send them this week.

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Ya know, in all the times I saw Slow Nerve Action, I don't think I ever actually saw Chris wearing an Accomodator on his chin. I feel ripped off, now that you mention it!

According to legend the accomodator actually broke during one of their last tours. It was quite amusing while it lasted. I think Jackfruit is on a bit of a different plane than SNA was though.........

Can't wait until the 14th to finally see these guys.

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