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Phil Lesh & Friends Halloween setlist!

Kanada Kev

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It may not be Mule covering Houses, but this looks pretty damn wild too!!!

Phil Lesh (bass, vocals)

John Molo (drums)

Jackie Greene (guitar, vocals)

Larry Campbell (guitar+)

Steve Molitz (keys)

Phil Lesh & Friends

October 31, 2007

Nokia Theater - NYC

Set 1:

Shakedown Street>

Loose Lucy

*Don't Let The Devil Take Your Mind


*I Put A Spell on You>


Story of the Ghost>

Casey Jones

Set 2:

Phil reads Pit and the Pedulium by Edgar Allen Poe from offstage while the band is onstage playing scary spacey jam>

Cryptical Envelopment>

*Boris The Spider>


*Voodoo Chile>

The Other One>

Cryptical Envelopment>

New Speedway Boogie>

Fire On The Mountain

*Sympathy For The Devil>

I Know You Rider

Donor Rap/Intros

E: Werewolves Of London

* - First time played

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Its the Phish tune alright. I strangely love how they played Cryptical without The Other One. There's your trick for the evening folks. That bold section looks awesome on paper. Thanks Kev.

Edit to add:

Scratch that Other One comment. I somehow missed it.

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idiot is me
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