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National Arts Centre in Ottawa


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I hope some of you Ottawa folk have been to the Southam Hall at the national Arts centre before.

were buying some gordon lightfoot tix for our inlaws, my wifes folks, and we are wondering what section to buy for the best sightlines?

the seating chart is kinda funny, and so are the prices, 10$ to 74$ in the same section, we figure its because of some really rotton views or shitty seats, so any help would be great. as to which section/or seats offer the best views.

ill try to link up the seating chart for this.

Seating Chart, Southam Hall, NAC



thanks all

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i didn't think you could pre-order live rush tickets, but i haven't ever done that so i'm not sure of anything i just wrote.

those live rush tickets pissed me off once. i bought MMW tickets the day they went on sale, spend about $50 i think. William walked up the afternoon of the show, whipped out the student id, and paid $8 for the seat next to mine. serves me right for expecting MMW to sell out a giant hall in ottawa next to a field where blue rodeo was playing at the same time.

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