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Skank help - Raffle prizes


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hi folks!

as you may have seen (if not, look at the pinned topic) there is a show going on this Saturday 7th for the people of Burma. i'd really like to collect some items for a raffle to raise even more money. i've tried to get some passes (ie. bluesfest, jazzfest) but haven't heard back yet. time is short and i need some help with this!

therefore i ask, if you work for a company that makes goods or services, could you either ask your boss or put me in touch with them if they can donate something for a prize? it's for a really good cause :) and when we raise money with this donated prize, the money will go really far over there in burma.

please help!

many thanks :)

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perhaps the malls would contribute something too, if you asked. free advertising for them to give away a $50 gift card or something...

Good point, AD. I'd actually start cold calling at this point. I'm thinking salons/hair off the top of my head, but there is really no limit. I'd call the mall first to see if you could score a general certificate, but failing that, phone the individual stores themselves. If you can get management on the phone, it is going to be pretty hard for many of them to say no to the cause, I'd think. Hell, if you hit 1 out of 10, you are flying.

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