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Solo Mobile owned by Bell, with policies determined by Soma Chewing Pions.


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My odyssey started with Bell Canada nuking my automatic billing information during a service upgrade back in March and informing me in June that I owed them $350 in back payments.

I said fine I owe you the money let's break the total over a couple of payments so I don't feel the hit too much.

I was an automatically billed customer for the 9sh years and it was their fault that the info got lost I figured they'd oblidge. 8 customer service reps later I was told to get out my credit card and pay the amount in full or have service cut.

I oblidged and decided a cell phone with a "new" company would suffice....the story continues in the next post.

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I head to a Booth store in the mall and sign up for a Solo Mobile phone, unbenounced to me owned by you guessed it Bell Mobility...whoops.

Here's a letter I had to write them to sort out what ensued.

Attn: Booth© and Solo© Representatives

On Monday July 21st 2008 I Steve De Piante signed an agreement with Solo© wireless for 3 years through their Booth© representative at The Stone Road Mall in Guelph Ontario.

My intent in signing on with Solo© was to replace my land line with a cellular line; I made this abundantly clear while negotiating the contract. The representative (Jeff) from Booth© explained that the device, service, and contract I opted for would be a suitable method of replacing my land line.

As of the Thursday July 24th 2008 I came to the realization that phone calls made in my home from my new Solo© serviced Samsung m500 cell phone were being dropped at the rate of approximately 75% and the remaining 25% of calls that were able to be completed were not suitable for adequate communication due to weak signals both outbound and inbound.

After travelling the full width, height and depth of my home while paying acute attention to the “signal bars†on my mobile phone I became aware that the most I could obtain was only 1 of the 5 bars of possible signal strength.

On Friday July 25th I re-entered the Booth© location at Stone Road Mall and explained the above to the representative on duty. He advised me that a replacement device would not likely solve my issue and it was likely just a dead zone in Solo©’s coverage area. The Booth© representative and Manager (Brian) went on to explain that because Booth© is a third party broker for Solo© that Booth© would need oral permission from Solo© to terminate the contract without a $300.00 cancellation fee.

I obliged the request for oral permission from Solo© for the Booth© representatives and called the Solo© help desk to explain my situation. After outlining the situation with 3 different representatives of varying levels on the help desk at Solo© none of these representatives would waive the cancellation fee and they cited that my use of in excess of 15 minutes for cell phone time indicated that the product was adequate and prevented them from cancelling the contract.

What they failed to acknowledge was that 90% of the15+ minute usage was from outside of my home and that was why there had been more than 15 minutes of usage to the phone prior to the cancellation request. Two hours later Solo© would not cancel the contract and ignored the contentious issue that is that the device is not an adequate replacement of my land line as previously represented by their Booth© rep.

If the cancellation fee is not waived and I am found to be bound to the contract and therefore liable for the fees outlined therein, I intend to take legal action for Solo©'s breach of contract for not providing me with the service I contracted for. Moreover, it is my intention to commence an action against Booth© on the basis that they misrepresented the terms of the Solo© contract. I was led to believe that Solo© was an adequate replacement for my land line and I relied upon that representation to my detriment.

I expect a response confirming my ability to cancel this contract with no penalty no later than July 31st, 2008. Failing which, I will issue and serve a claim.

Signed July 29, 2008

Steve De Piante

I sent it off to the store owner and the online Solo Mobile complaints department.

The Booth District Manager said that he could do nothing.

Ref.: 5197660939

Good day Mr De Plante,

Thank you for using Solo Mobile's Internet Customer Care. My name is

Kim. I have read your message and I am pleased to assist you.

In response to your question, upon reviewing your account, I regret to

inform you that it is not possible for me to reverse the penalty


I suggest that you speak with the supervisor you spoke with in order to

see if it is possible to discuss this situation or you can still write a

letter to our executive office.

If you wish to speak with the same supervisor again, simply reply to

this message and I will send him a message

Thank you for choosing Solo Mobile as your wireless communications

provider. I deeply apologize for any inconvenient this situation may

cause you. Don't hesitate to e-mail us again at:


Have a really nice day.

Kim (6006607)

Solo Mobile Internet Client care

Continuation in next post.

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I remembered I had a friend that worked for Bell Mobility and called in a favour. He sorted it out in an hour and half.

This issue has been resolved because I know somebody who knows somebody.

Your anoymous email with my last name spelled wrong says exactly what 6 other people at your company have told me.

Your policies and lack of flexibility on this very rational issue are nothing short of souless and unhuman. At no point did anyone I dealt with at your company try to empathize with my very valid and calm concern.

Everyday you work at Solo and simply follow the protocal outlined by Bell Mobility you are compromising your human nature. I pity you and hope that you aren't callous enough yet that you at least can comprehend some of the feely words in this email.

Thanks and don't forget to go and get bent :-)


In short if you're trying to replace a land line with a cell phone watch who you sign with and determine if they will let you out if it doesn't work in your house.

Sorry for posting this outside the exasperated and dumbfounded and disgruntled cellular customer forum.

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