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Doug Gilmour to coach

Guest Low Roller

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First off Roller, dont forget that Kirk Muller had exactly ONE YEAR as head coach of the Queens Golden Gaels before landing a job with the Habs.

And Jaimoe I ask you this. Who are these good coaches this notoriously meddling owner has fired?

Since 1997 there have been 5 coaches. Obviously you must not be referring to Larry Mavety as one of them because he has always been around, so look at the ones we are dealing with.

Greg Bignell

Jim Hulton

Bruce Cassidy

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Jim Hulton is the only good coach among them. He led the team to the playoffs in two of his 3 years. In the other year they missed the playoffs by one point and actually had more points than any team in OHL history to not make the playoffs. Hulton is now an assistant coach with the Florida Panthers.

Hiring Gilmour is an attempt by the owners to draw more people to the box office.

The owners after firing Hulton said they wanted an experienced NHL coach anf then brought in Cassidy. He had a little experience with Washington and the players hated him in Kingston.

Maverty is a whole other beast. He obviously has something dirty on the owners because there is no other reason for him to be around :)

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