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Heavy Dose of Burt Neilson


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Folks going to Sunseeker, hopefully just missing Hurricane Bill, are in for a HUGE treat. Burt came out of the gate at Revival to a giddy phamily reunion of the audience and just slammed everyone into the floor. The whole first set was well-structured, featured much loved favourites and deeper and deeper jams. The second was a whole different beast with a Led Zeppelin No Quarter opener (which had been requested earlier but they claimed not to know how to play it) that was deeply psychedelic as was the rest of the set.

Here's the setlist as I have it off of Heisholt (complete with Python/Kangaroo boots):

I: Down With The Sound, By The Door, Strange, Bored Again, Palace, Yellow Pants, Snowdrift, Cold

II: No Quarter, Full Tilt, St. Andrew, Chevron, Let Down, In The Belly, Lost, Martian, Holes, Distract,

E: Bench, Speed

Oddly this is exactly the set they wrote out (sorry if I haven't fully titled a couple of tunes I'm just blanking on them) and ended up playing despite seeming to have a wicked lock on the crowd and what they wanted. For instance Cully called out for a Chevron (one of the more epic tunes rather than jams of the night, although the jam was no slouch) and they played it seemingly on request had they not already intended to at that instance.

The audience while jubilant was pretty tame in terms of substances etc. The boozing really wasn't even that heavy it was just an epic vibe of great old members of an extended clan getting together.

Quote of the night has to go to Schwa:

It's a Thursday night in Toronto, this is more than Perez Hilton got out.

(noteworthy as to how Schwa is familiar with the turnout at a Perez Hilton party but I'll leave that to further speculation)

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I loved how much Mike looked like a dead ringer the spitting image of Jerry at times during the second set (the beard, the glasses slipped halfway down his nose, the focused look on his face).

And the "No Quarter" second set opener was the highlight for me, but the rest of the night (especially the second set) was lovely.



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You would have LOVED the vibe at this show Bouche. The crowd was a handful of usual suspects and for some reason a handful of yummy younger single ladies- probably the Jay Cleary hype factor-. I really thought the jamming was thoughtful and deeply psychedelic, Mike rocked the Moog to play bass lines on one tune and some atmospherics. Jeff's left hand is really strong these days and his chops on his right are unparalleled for a session guy his age. Gavin was right on top of everything and Mike had a real statesmenlike quality and super clean lines.

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