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  1. My recording of the Must Stash Hat show on Saturday June 2 at Vibes in the Valley in Kesey, ON is available for download/stream : https://archive.org/details/mustashat2018-06-02
  2. guitarberman

    Vibes in the Valley- 2018

    Here is must stash hats set https://archive.org/details/mustashat2018-06-02/mustashat2018-06-02d02t06.flac
  3. guitarberman

    Oysterhead @ bonnaroo video download

    Awesome. I was there too. The weather was good and the bands were great. Did you check out the Masquerade Jam on sat night after GRAB?
  4. guitarberman

    Oysterhead @ bonnaroo video download

    anyone here go to 2006 bonnaroo?
  5. guitarberman

    What are you listening to right now?

  6. guitarberman

    Come Together @ Frontier Ghost Town- May 2018

    Thanks Booche. We have a new album ready for this summer. We need to book another Ottawa show.
  7. guitarberman

    Vibes in the Valley- 2018

  8. Friday May 4 Berman Billings- acoustic guitar, pedal steel, 12 string and more. originals and more. we just released our debut album on vinyl Crow Bar and Variety Collingwood, ON 9:30pm-12:30am No cover http://bermanbillings.com/
  9. Friday April 27 9pm-12am Berman Billings- acoustic guitar and pedal steel duo, playing originals and covers Rod, Gun and Barbers- 1612 Queen St W its a barbershop that sells beer and whisky, has a pool table and some other stuff NO COVER http://bermanbillings.com/
  10. guitarberman

    Berman Billings- Fri April 20 @ Artword Artbar- Hamilton

    Thanks Edger!
  11. Tues April 24 Berman Billings will be back at The Local Pub, 396 Roncesvalles Ave, 9pm-12 No Cover https://www.facebook.com/events/143422929809779/ http://bermanbillings.com/
  12. Tonight at The Artword Artbar a new duo I play in will be making our Hamilton debut. http://bermanbillings.com/ https://www.facebook.com/events/1678717802209152/ We start at 8pm and play 2 sets $5 Berman Billings is a new project featuring Matt Berman (Must Stash Hat) and Jonathan Billings (Jonathan Billings Band). It's a mix of acoustic guitars and pedal steel with vocal harmonies. Often referred to as “Psychedelic Folk Blues”, Berman Billings can be heard playing in just about any room in southern Ontario from large clubs to barber shops! There debut album "Killin' Time" will be released on vinyl and digital on June 23, 2018.
  13. guitarberman

    What are you listening to right now?

  14. guitarberman

    Paul Simon Farewell Tour