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  1. guitarberman

    Curveball Salvaged-Sat Aug 18-Toronto

    Local Phish cover band The Lizards are putting on a show in Toronto tomorrow night! from facebook: " We're all pretty bummed about the recent Curveball cancellation, so take your sorrys and throw them in a sack. THE LIZARDS ARE PLAYING TMRW NIGHT. A very special redeeming show is in the works and we'd love for you to be there. Doors at 8 show at 830. Hard stop at 1AM. $20 cash at the door." https://www.facebook.com/events/1852344968191963/
  2. Saturday August 11 Must Stash Hat The Pub Owen Sound 10pm-2am 3 sets No Cover This is our first show in a couple of months, and we are ready to deliver laser beams of Canadian jamband music into your soul. see you there. https://www.facebook.com/events/1163681943797333/
  3. Saturday June 23 Berman Billings Record Release Party The Local Roncesvalles, Toronto 9pm-12am no cover http://bermanbillings.com/
  4. My recording of the Must Stash Hat show on Saturday June 2 at Vibes in the Valley in Kesey, ON is available for download/stream : https://archive.org/details/mustashat2018-06-02
  5. guitarberman

    Vibes in the Valley- 2018

    Here is must stash hats set https://archive.org/details/mustashat2018-06-02/mustashat2018-06-02d02t06.flac
  6. guitarberman

    Oysterhead @ bonnaroo video download

    Awesome. I was there too. The weather was good and the bands were great. Did you check out the Masquerade Jam on sat night after GRAB?
  7. guitarberman

    Oysterhead @ bonnaroo video download

    anyone here go to 2006 bonnaroo?
  8. guitarberman

    What are you listening to right now?

  9. guitarberman

    Come Together @ Frontier Ghost Town- May 2018

    Thanks Booche. We have a new album ready for this summer. We need to book another Ottawa show.
  10. guitarberman

    Vibes in the Valley- 2018

  11. Friday May 4 Berman Billings- acoustic guitar, pedal steel, 12 string and more. originals and more. we just released our debut album on vinyl Crow Bar and Variety Collingwood, ON 9:30pm-12:30am No cover http://bermanbillings.com/
  12. Friday April 27 9pm-12am Berman Billings- acoustic guitar and pedal steel duo, playing originals and covers Rod, Gun and Barbers- 1612 Queen St W its a barbershop that sells beer and whisky, has a pool table and some other stuff NO COVER http://bermanbillings.com/
  13. guitarberman

    Berman Billings- Fri April 20 @ Artword Artbar- Hamilton

    Thanks Edger!
  14. Tues April 24 Berman Billings will be back at The Local Pub, 396 Roncesvalles Ave, 9pm-12 No Cover https://www.facebook.com/events/143422929809779/ http://bermanbillings.com/