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Trey @ Carnegie Hall

Kanada Kev

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Set 1: First Tube, The Inlaw Josie Wales, Brian and Robert, Divided Sky, Water In the Sky, Pebbles and Marbles, Guyute Orchestral

Set 2: Time Turns Elastic, Let Me Lie, You Enjoy Myself

Encore: If I Could

Lots of pics and a review here:


This is a bit of a bummer:

That glowing vibe mixed with a completely different energy when the audience hit the streets to find the Nitrous Mafia peddling their wares in front of Carnegie Hall. It was disgusting, especially when I came back an hour later to find 7th Avenue between 56th and 57th littered with balloons. Even that poor display couldn't take away from what was a magical evening for Trey Anastasio and the fans that have supported him through thick and thin just to capture moments like last night.
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New York Times review (respect given referring to Trey as "Mr. Anastasio"):


September 14, 2009

Music Review

A Lesson in Jamming for the Philharmonic


If there was a single moment that best illustrated the difference between a routine concert by the New York Philharmonic and the one it presented at Carnegie Hall on Saturday night, that moment came when Sheryl Staples, the concertmaster for the evening, returned to the stage after intermission. Ms. Staples was greeted with warm applause, as tradition mandates. Just before it faded, a coyotelike howl of approval sounded from a balcony. Ms. Staples gamely acknowledged her admirer with a smile that was surely as incredulous as it was appreciative.

The occasion was a concert with Trey Anastasio, the singer and guitarist for the rock band Phish, benefiting a foundation named for his sister, Kristine Anastasio Manning, an environmentalist and author who died of cancer in April. Mr. Anastasio enjoys a rabidly devoted following among jam-band devotees. But curiosity seekers anticipating a blissed-out legion in henna and hemp would have been disappointed by an uncommonly diverse, entirely well-behaved throng of listeners, some of whom could be overheard marveling at their first sight of Carnegie Hall.

Playing with an orchestra is nothing new for Mr. Anastasio, who studied composition and arranging in college and has made several recordings with classical players. The most recent, "Time Turns Elastic" (Rubber Jungle), features a 29-minute work of the same name that Mr. Anastasio wrote with Don Hart, a commercial arranger and orchestrator who is also the composer in residence for Orchestra Nashville.

A shortened "Time Turns Elastic" has found a place in Phish's live sets and appears on the group's new album, "Joy" (JEMP). Heard in its original form at Carnegie, the piece was both an electric-guitar concerto and a song cycle, its three movements broken into nine sections, in which the languorous eloquence of Mr. Anastasio's guitar playing alternated with his gentle, plain-spoken singing. (The dreamily impressionistic lyrics were Mr. Anastasio's as well.)

Mr. Hart's appealing orchestration touched on cinematic lushness and musical-theater dazzle, with episodes of Disneyesque twinkle and "Classical Gas"-style kitsch. In that context the brief fugue that opened "Splinters of Hail" (the second part of the last movement) felt almost jarring, like a plea to be taken seriously.

No such pleading was necessary: what Mr. Anastasio and Mr. Hart have created is that rarest of rarities, a classical-rock hybrid that might please partisans from both constituencies. Set amid a generous group of popular Phish songs — gentle, string-cushioned ballads like "Brian and Robert" and "Let Me Lie," as well as the audacious, intricate instrumentals "Guyute Orchestral" and "You Enjoy Myself" — the new piece could hardly have gone wrong.

The orchestra, conducted by Asher Fisch, played brilliantly throughout the evening, with the trombones dipping into deep reserves of raucousness for "You Enjoy Myself." The concert was liberally punctuated with whoops and cheers; the final ovation for the orchestra before the encore — another Phish song, "If I Could" — was the loudest, wildest response I have ever heard for anything at Carnegie. That so many of the players could remain stone-faced during the tumult is a phenomenon beyond my comprehension.

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Trey Anastasio

Carnegie Hall

New York City, NY


Source:Balcony Center (in hat)Schoeps mk41>kc-5>cmc6>fostex fr-2le (w/oade mod)@48-24>cf

Transfer:cf>soundforge (editing-src44-16>cd wave>flac

Taped by Dave Flaschner & Rob Adler

Disc 1: Set I

01. 1st Tube

02. The Inlaw Josie Wales

03. Brian & Robert

04. Diveded Sky

05. Water In The Sky

06. Pebbles & Marbles

07. Guyute

Disc 2: Set II

08. Time Turns Elastic

09. Let Me Lie

10. You Enjoy Myself

11. E: If I Could

*w/Asher Fisch & The NY Philharmonic

MP3 Download

Flac Download

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