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live recording question


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wondering if anyone can help? not sure if this has been covered before, but...

i have been taking part in some pretty amazing jams with some incredible musicians, some really well known and some not so well known. and, i would like to take a stab at just recording the room. digital ideally, so i could mess around with it afterwards (clean it up, etc).

anyway, any help is appreciated, in layman's terms please! alternatively, if there is someone out there who is interested in recording live stuff and would be interested that may be an idea to explore.

we can discuss in the forum or private topic? not sure if this is general interest type stuff.

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Well...you've got a couple of options...

Computer or recording device.

If you're into taking your laptop or desktop to the jam, you could get a USB mic or an audio interface to plug one to several mics into your computer and record the guitar, drums, bass keys etc. discretely.

If you want a happy medium between the portability of a small unit and the quality and functionality of an audio interface AND HAVE A MAC, then check this out:

It's a one channel interface (for a room mic, guitar/vox etc (great for songwriting and multi tracking) that has a great condenser mic built in (you can plug your own in as well)

It's bus-powered, has a GREAT preamp and digital converter (converters are really the key to 'pro' quality interfaces) and is the size of a cellphone.


Apogee One

If you use your computer as your main music source for personal enjoyment, you'd probably want one to run your stereo's aux input...

But if you don't have a mac this isn't for you.

If you get a recorder you can dump it down to your computer, take it with you and just put it in your pocket...get a really fancy one with condenser mics or just a slick little digital recorder for a couple hundred bucks.

If you have an ipod, a few companies make units that turn your iPod into a similar type of device

Though that One is a slick unit (on the website there's a video of Ozomatli recording with it and it sounds amazing), I'd be more inclined to spend the $250 on a really good digital recorder.

Less to fuss with, less to worry about, more portable (no real recording capabilities in the iPod Touch or iPhone yet, no apple netbook), and you'll get the 'that thing sounds amazing' comment more than you'd expect.

With that One thing I know I'd expect to hear that all the time and I'd probably take it personally when it wouldn't translate into a great recording.

Wish I could help with recording you. Best of luck with all of this!

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I'll vouch for this:


Description: http://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-ZOO-H4-LIST

and plan on buying this in the very near future:


Description: http://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-ZOO-H4N-LIST

You really can't go wrong with these. I've recorded hundreds of hours of live stuff since I first got one. You could take your guitar 5 miles into the woods and record an acoustic digital wav. stereo jam if you wanted to. They're killer.

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That looks cool.

But they sort of remind me of a sci-fi weapons lol

Ya I was wondering, about taping shows?

I use a Sony Digital recorders for doing interviews.

I don't upload it on my blog so I won't forget what they sang.

Or listen to it privately.

I know we have to becareful of Socan, from what I was told.

So what are the pros and cons

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and plan on buying this in the very near future:


Description: http://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-ZOO-H4N-LIST

I just bought one of these. $300 USD on line. (I tried purchasing one locally but was having no luck.) I have barely taken it out of the box. Speaking with a friend who has one and doing some research, it seemed like a great unit for a great price.

Where are you located, rustle?

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thanks for the help!!!!

all of the suggestions carried me in a whirlwind trip around the net. any insight on one of these bad boys: http://store.apple.com/ca/product/TV233LL/A?n=microphones&fnode=MTY1NDA0MA&mco=ODQwOTAzMQ&s=topSellers

i have a decent mic that i inherited from someone who owed me some money... so i figured something like that, paired with my macbook pro and garageband could do the trick?

i am located in dundas.

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