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Mahones and Pogues review...


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The music was fun, but the atmosphere was spoiled.

I went to this thinking it'd be a good old celtic brew-ha-ha. I sure as hell did my part. The place was pretty full, but not bursting, and the only place to stand was on the big empty area in front of the band (commonly referred to as a dance floor). When the band came on I started to dance and spill beer on myself (again, this is what I thought was expected of me).

Thats when it got ugly. I got the dreaded shoulder tap, followed by the "could you sit down so that I can see the show". This happened to me at my first dead show too... Its the one thing that I don't deal real well with. My response seemed blatantly obvious. "you can't see music, you hear it. Why don't you stand up?" (after politely declining of course)

I then turned back to enjoying my beer and the music. Next buddy grabs my shoulder and tries to push me into a chair. In the drunking state I was in I fell into the chair and then stood back up, pushed my chair in, and gave buddy the psycho-asshole death stare at which time my friend tried to broker a deal with him, and suggested that we leave. No fucking way am I leaving a concert because some ass can't see. So I didn't, I just kept dancing. Durring the next quick song a girl from buddy's table got up and danced with me. And there were a few other folks on the dance floor. Nothing came of it, and I kept my undefeated fight record. (never mind the fact that I've never one one either, and actually never been in one, which is why the whole thing bothered me so much)

All in all it was a good show, but left a real sour taste in my mouth. Why are people such fucks? Or should I have sat down at a bar show with a big dance floor? What would you have done?

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The "sitting down vs. standing up (dancing)" issue is always a tough one to deal with. As a person who loves to dance, I sometimes find myself controlling my urge to dance because I'm afraid I'm going to block the view of the people behind me. But in most cases, the unstoppable urge to dance takes over and I just go for it. However, sometimes I feel a bit self-conscious because I know that there are people behind me whose view of the band is now blocked by me.

It's nice when a music venue is laid out so that people that want to sit and watch can, and people that want to stand and dance can ...

I was also told at a Dead show by a friend behind me to sit down during drums. I did, and for the most part enjoyed the drums/space from a sitting position. However, it was definitely a bit of a vibe killer for me, being told what to do at a Dead show. But my standing in his way was killing his vibe. Don't know what I would have done if it was a stranger, rather than a friend. Actually, now that I think of it, I had someone I didn't know tell me to stop dancing on my seat at Rich Stadium. I told him to look below at the many people doing the same thing, and then I chose to ignore him and continued to dance on my seat. I thought to myself there is no way that I am going to stop having the time of my life because someone else is not having the time of his life. I figured if he didn't like it, he could find another seat in the venue ... it's not like Rich Stadium is lacking for space or anything.

Peace, Mark

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