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Hot Rock (Flash Lightnin'/Beauties) - Dakota (03.24) setlist


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After that epic, by my and most reasonable peoples estimation, Fruit Bats show a crew of skanks realized with the early wrap up we could bat over to the Dakota and catch Hot Rock (which is members of Flash Lightnin' and the Beauties, former and current Dakota residents playing the Rolling Stones repertoire). I want to say this is the fifth or sixth time they've done this and I seem to keep missing it. Anyways as it turned out we chanced into the entire second set which was off the fucking charts good (and looks that way on paper).



Get Off


Let It Bleed

Sweet V

Live With

Brown Sugar

Beast of Burden

Shine A Light


Waiting On

Can't Hear



Honky Tonk Women

Loving Cup

Dead Flowers

Wild Horses

Tumblin' Dice

Under My Thumb

Let's Spend The Night Together

Miss You

Jumpin' Jack Flash

Gimme Shelter

Sympathy For The Devil

I didn't get much of a chance to talk to him but the bassist Darren Glover had made the setlist and seemed to be orchestrating things a bit but that said everybody was just belting it out equally particularly the female Lightnin' vocalist (who was wearing a Burrito Bros. shirt to boot) - as were the two guitarists, keys, drums and in the end Ron Sexsmith who sang one tune while I was out puffing and came in later again on keys (with a proud papa Kevin Drew standing right behind him in a strong but sparse crowd of maybe 60).

It goes with saying that the run from, well clearly, Loving Cup (sick, sick, sickness) through Dead Flowers, Wild Horses (both of which he'd slotted into the setlist in an epic call), Tumblin' Dice was sheer hotness. It just built and built with a serious surge towards disco headiness understandably during Miss You... basically the most epic afterparty band you could possibly ever hope for.

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