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Set One:

Tweezer Reprise >

Chalk Dust Torture

Funky Bitch >

Runaway Jim

Ya Mar

Sample In A Jar

Axilla >


Bathtub Gin

Suzy Greenberg

Set Two:

Rock & Roll >


Backwards Down The Number Line

Halfway To The Moon >

Prince Caspian >


David Bowie

Show of Life


The Squirming Coil

Character Zero >

Tweezer Reprise

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What a fun show! Pretty safe and standard, overall, with the exception of the first and last song. Rock N Roll was the only song featuring any real jamming.

First set was actually better than the second, IMO. The new tune, Joy, and Show of Life kinda chopped up the second set a bit.

Mike's bass was HUGE in the mix (Page a little low) and he sounded like massive male genitalia all night.

Lot scene was great, the lawn was a lot of fun with a couple of great glowstick wars.

Oh, and an added bonus, I accidently bumped into peipunk for the first time since probably 2003, which was very random and very cool.

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Yeah that was cool running into you man! I think one of the guys you were with called the Axilla in the first set...?

I thought the first set was a fantastic setlist, hit me just the right way. Second set was a bit of a roller coaster but I thought the place was going to explode when they started the last Tweeprise; not sure if I have ever pumped my fist so hard.

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