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Movember donations


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Hey everyone.. this year I'm partaking in the annual fundraising event known as Movember. For those of you who are unaware, Movember is an event to raise funds for prostate cancer research. To raise these funds those of us participating grow a moustache for the month of November and people give us money to do so.

This year I'm part of the New Democrat Moustaches For A Cure team. It's very fitting that the NDP put together a strong team, what with Jack not only having a great moustache, but also fighting prostate cancer.

If you wish to donate to myself or the team (or even join our team) you can find my personal Movember page here: http://ca.movember.com/mospace/701890/

I'll be updating this page weekly with photos of my stache progress (myspace style).

Thanks everyone, and happy Movember!

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For the second year now I am a proud member of The Cookie Duster Collective!

Donate and you will receive a custom built "Magnificent Moustaches In Music" compilation cd.

I've donated my face to Movember! Now I'm asking you to make a small donation to support my moustache and the 1 in 6 men that are diagnosed with prostate cancer. Thank you. http://ca.movember.com/mospace/53057/

Day 1: smooth:


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Day 14:


So far I've raised $0 to help fight prostate cancer! That's really no help at all. Time to raise some mo' money!


Remember, any donation gets you a KK custom "Magnificent Moustaches In Music" mix cd... we're talking Prince, Zappa, Freddie Mercury, Spinal Tap, Eddie Murphy, Magnum P.I, Hall & Oates, Little Richard, Deer Tick... whatever else I think of at compiling time!


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Thank you to all who have generously donated in support of the Movember campaign to combat prostate cancer. It was another wildly successful year world wide and a genuine difference shall be realized!

I'll be working on the "Magnificent Moustaches in Music" compilation cd so start checking your mailboxes in a couple weeks!


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