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Northern Heads Interview/Preview Billy Martin & Wil Blades

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"He'll be the first person to tell you, the last thing on his mind was to start another project with an organ player." For his part Martin freely admits "the chemistry was undeniable. It was something fresh I had not experienced with anyone else. I wasn't looking to play with another organist, but it really is special the way we play together on the stage. It couldn't be denied and when that happened I had no choice but do dive in!" - full interview with Wil Blades and Billy Martin


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Blades is clearly an ambassador of both his instrument but also the jazz organ tradition he finds himself on the vanguard of. "Without even knowing it I got this real old school education, and without even knowing it that was instilled in me this kind of traditional carrying through. It's not that those guys wanted me to play traditionally it's that they kind of let me in this lineage that they were a part of.... Even though I don't want to be playing necessarily traditionally you can't take it out of me."

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