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  1. Looking forward to that one!  Just finished the very entertaining Zach episode.  Listened to the letterman one while doing yardwork.  That was a freaking fantastic discussion.

    I do wish many of them ran much longer.   A 45 minute podcast comes out to only about 25 minutes of discussion with all the sponsor and post-show padding. 

    The Deep Dives with Dana Carvey were pretty hilarious. I enjoyed Dana Carvey for the first time in a long time.  

    I thought I listened to the entire run of season 1, but looking back at the guests, I think I may have missed some epics.

    also looking forward to watching his remote in Ghana.


  2. Daniel Johnston Selecting a Comic

    Freakbynight and I met with Daniel's brother, Dick (Dick Johnston is a funny name combination to me).  He let us watch their warm-up and then invited us to join them for dinner at a korean joint.  Daniel wanted to stop at the comic book shop on bank street first, which is where I captured this photo.  Over dinner, they let me record an impromptu interview with Daniel which I later used in a podcast that Freak and I recorded.

    Sad that he's gone now. He left a helluva legacy as an ultimate indie artist.

    Of course later on there was a rough show at Zaphod's.   His local pick up band were pretty solid.  Here's a clip.


  3. holy shit that is a helluva a task that you've taken on and no doubt will be appreciated by the recipients.  

    Jay Cleary should be able to help with King Sunshine as he used to promote them and i wouldn't be surprised if he had info on some of the others.

    Contact and Spin Cycle ring a bell but i don't have any recollections of members or relations.




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