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  1. Last night / this morning Weird Al announced a very long international tour with plenty of Canadian dates. He's playing everywhere but here are the Canadian shows.

    06-26 Windsor, Ontario - Caesars Windsor: The Colosseum

    07-17 Hamilton, Ontario - Hamilton Place Theatre

    07-18 Rama, Ontario - Casino Rama Entertainment Centre

    07-19 Ottawa, Ontario - Ottawa Bluesfest

    07-20 London, Ontario - Centennial Hall

    07-24 Halifax, Nova Scotia - Casino Nova Scotia: Schooner Showroom

    07-25 Moncton, New Brunswick - Casino New Brunswick: The Centre

    09-08 Vancouver, British Columbia - Queen Elizabeth Theatre

    09-09 Penticton, British Columbia - South Okanagan Events Centre

    09-11 Enoch, Alberta - River Cree Resort and Casino: The Venue

    09-12 Calgary, Alberta - Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium

  2. Oh right, your negatives have to be mine too, forgot.

    I won't be driving to Lansdowne for this festival so I'm not worried about parking. And I know from experience that the site has a built-in plan for getting big crowds to the site easily, so I struggle to see the negative there for others. But if you want to be negative have at it.

    Noise complaints - those will happen anywhere, anytime, and they don't affect my enjoyment of the festival so no, not a negative to me. I guess if you really empathize with the very small number of complainers it might really affect you too, but I sincerely hope that's not the case.

  3. I can't remember ever meeting him in person (which in itself means it probably did ;) ) but way back in the day I got some of my first and best shows through trading with him, or trading through other people to see Karl's name as the source of the show.  Sorry to hear this news.

  4. I think we excel at having infrastructure and people that can endure, however imperfectly, both 40 degree heat and -40 degree "heat."  Perhaps you were talking about hurricanes or tsunamis or something like that, but cities/civilizations built in areas with 70-80 degree temperature swings season to season are nothing to sneeze at.  And same goes for the people, though many of them complain too much.

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